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PLEASE READ FIRST: PvM/PvP Druid Guides - Updated Nov 1, 2007 der

Discussion in 'Druid' started by Liquid_Evil, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Liquid_Evil

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    PLEASE READ FIRST: PvM/PvP Druid Guides - Updated Nov 1, 2007

    Druids are a powerful, yet often very underrated class. Through their spiritual attunement to nature and the natural world, they command a variety of impressive skills. Their arsenal consists of the destructive elemental powers of fire and wind, but also the ability to transform their human bodies into creatures of pure destruction. They are capable of calling spiritual aids, some in the forms of vicious animals, to help them in their quest to end Diablo's reign of terror. Druids are definitely a fun class for novices and veterans alike.

    Wereform IAS/FHR calculator by TheDragoon
    Video Guide to Werewolves by Kiba
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    Primal Flame: Guide to 1.10 Fire Druids by the Druid Forum
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    1.11 PvP Fire Druid by FWI
    1.11 PvP Flaming Rabies by Inkanddagger(née Karp) and Verashiden
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    1.11 PvP Shock-Summoner by Jary
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    1.11 PvM Fury by xpumafangx
    1.10 PvM Cheap Killer Fury Druid by nutrimat
    1.11 PvM The Town Dump Werebear by safetypro
    1.11 PvM Ribcracker Fury Druid (for Ubers) by Bjam
    1.11 PvM Hunger Bear (Kodiak) by SSoG
    1.11 PvM Fire Hunter by Ed from Russia
    LLD Fury Druid Guide by Zangeif
    Level 30 Mauler Guide by SmittySixTen
    1.11 PvM Earth Shifter Druid Guide By Liquid_Evil
    1.11 PvM Hardcore Fireclaws Bear Guide by Come Back Zinc
    1.11 PvM Bearsin Guide by Vknez
    PvM Fire Bear Guid by Ed from Russia
    Wind Druid Guide for Single Player By Bassen
    PvP Fireclaw/Shock Summoner Hybrid By Octogenarian
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