Please rate my Barbarian Set-up


Please rate my Barbarian Set-up

Hi, there! this is my very first post on this website and i just want to ask a couple questions.
1. Is this a good setup for a whirl wind barbarian.
2. Which is better for a whirl wind barbarian? BOTD eth Colossus Sword or BOTD eth axe.
3. Is this setup better for a zeal pally if i switch to a BOTD eth Axe and exile?

Armor-Stone Archon Plate (2000 def)
Helm-Crown of Ages or Arreats Face?
Weapon-Eth BOTD Colossus Sword
Shield-Pheonix Monarch
Gloves-SteelRend 50-59%
Boots-Sandstorm Trek
Belt-Verdungo’s 15%
Rings-2x Bul’kathoe’s 5%
Amulet-Mara’s Kaliedoscope
2nd Weapon-Call to arms


weapon: u want to use either grief zerker or grief zwihinlder instead of ebotz. Grief does way better dmg than ebot, and constantly ds as well.
shield: u will need ss when against another ww barb, not pheonix. Due to fact it does not add block rate so it requires u to put a lot of pts in dex in order for u to max block. When againsting other class, use beast zerker on ur second hand.
helm: eth arreat when agaisnt another barb, use berber Coa against the rest.
rings: dual ravenfrost or rare rings, and use angelic setup when in melee duel.
glove: steelrend works, but dracul does better.
armor: fort or duress if u want to be offensive, eth arakine valor will be better than stone.
boot: gore rider
/w switch: 2x 3wc weapon or double hoto, cta wont stack on ur bo. (max +skill on bo is 3)


so your saying this

is better than this?

i dont understand why

Anyother question, my do people like angelic setup so much? Why is replinish life so important and what does it do?


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The +Damage mod on a Grief applies before any Skill or off-weapon Enhanced Damage bonuses. Thus the average damage on a Grief is about 400 while the average damage on an EBotD is about 350 (I think?). It may not show up on the weapon or on your character screen, but it's obvious by its performance.

Angelics are more important because of the massive Attack Rating bonus on the rings, as well as the Damage Taken Goes to Mana (good for WWers).

PLEASE remove those links, they are not allowed on these forums as their host site sells items for cash.


how do i edit my other posts? its now letting me.

Also angelic dont give leech and mana do they? they give this

Replenish Life +6
+20 to Life


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You're looking at the whole set bonuses -- but check out the individual item bonuses:

Angelic Halo
Required Level: 12
Replenish Life +6
+20 To Life
+ (12 Per Character Level) 144-1188 Attack Rating (Based On Character Level) (2 Set Items)

That mod gets activated on each of the rings (so double that amount) as long as you wear the amulet too.


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Zerker Axe is better than CB because it has a higher average dmg and lower req and better resale price.