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Diablo 2 : LoD Sage-Druid
-V1.1 (26-12-2013)
-By HCNemesis

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1. Introduction:

Hello everyone, welcome to my guide for a
Sage-Druid. The Sage-Druid uses three Skills:
'Armageddon', 'Hurricane' and 'Tornado'.
Dependable if you want to raise the character
to 91 or 99 it has the possibility to use a
fourth Skill as well: 'Firestorm'. Later in
guide I'll tell you more about it.

I made this character for PvE / PvM only, so
don't go play PvP with this character,
because you'll kicked hard. It's just a fun
character which can solo Hell easily, but
that's it. I've tried it, mine is LV. 81 now.

I hope that everyone will enjoy this guide!

2. Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Table of Contents
3. Updates
4. Stats
5. Skills
6. Skill Placement
7. Equipment
8. Inventory
9. Statistics
10. Mercenary
11.The End

3. Updates:

1.1 26-12-2013 Changed the Synergie for
'Armageddon' to 'Volcano'
instead of 'Firestorm'.

Changed 'Harlequin Crest' to
'Jalal's Mane'.

4. Stats:

Strength: Only enough for your equipment, but
nothing more!!!!
Dexterity: Don't go for the Max. Block.
Vitality: We all love this Stat. Pump it up!
Energy: ...Useless piece of stat...

5. Skills:

First of all, I owe you an explantion...
When I started testing with this build, I
wanted to have a wide range of Spells I
could cast. So I started with 1 point in
'Armageddon', 20 in 'Hurricane', 20 in
'Tornado' and I made it Fire-Based by
placing points into 'Firestorm', 'Molten
Boulder' and 10 points in 'Fissure' so my
'Armageddon' stayed longer. I needed to
cast 'Hurricane' too much so my Mana
did run up very quick.

To solve this problem I made it more
balanced. I put 5 points, instead of 1, in
'Cyclone Armor' so my 'Tornado' got
boosted, but more important, my 'Hurricane'
had a longer duration.

I did also notice that I didn't use
'Firestorm' a lot, 'Tornado' is better, so
I changed my Fire setup to 20 points in
'Armageddon', 5 in 'Fissure' and 20 in
'Firestorm' for the Synergie. This was
going absolute fine, he's was rocking!

Update 1.1: I've changed the synergy from
'Firestorm' to 'Volcano' so 'Volcano' is the
second Fire Skill and your Long-Range Killer.
'Volcano' doesn't seem to be strong, but it
sprouts multiply Fire Balls so when you cast
it underneath an Enemy he gets the full-load.
In a area where there's a high dencity of
enemies it's also quite usefull becauses it will
cause damage all over the area.

But LV.91 is not all, so I did some math to
check if this setup was still the best setup
on LV.99. The answer was no... At LV.99 you
have the possibility to use 'Firestorm' next
to all the other Skills. So why not then?

So to sum it, you'll get two Elemental Skills
Setup. The first one is based on LV.91 and the
second on LV.99.


1 | Firestorm
1 | Molten Boulder
1 | Artic Blast
5 | Fissure
5 | Cyclone Armor
1 | Twister
20 | Volcano
20 | Tornado
20 | Armageddon
20 | Hurricane
Total: 94

'Volcano' = 1476 - 1652 (1564)
'Tornado' = 3396 - 3563 (3480)
'Armageddon' = 5809 - 6401 (6105.5)
'Hurricane' = 1820 - 1892 (1856.5)


20 | Firestorm
20 | Molten Boulder
1 | Artic Blast
5 | Fissure
5 | Cyclone Armor
1 | Twister
1 | Volcano
20 | Tornado
9 | Armageddon
20 | Hurricane
Total: 102
'Firestorm' = 4991 - 5505 (5248)
'Tornado' = 3396 - 3563 (3480)
'Armageddon' = 6780 - 7609 (7194.5)
'Hurricane' = 1820 - 1892 (1856.5)

So you can see it's quite impressive
how much damage the 'Firestorm' does.
The only bad thing about the Skill is
the Cooldown time. But when you face
a Cold and Physical Immune you can
switch to 'Firestorm' and burn him to

Shape Shifting:

Total: -

The Summoning part of this build
is your life saver! Without this part
this character is just too fragile.
I choose for both Carrion Vine and
Solar Creeper so you can cast the one
you need at the moment. Almost all the
time the 'Carrion Vine' is out, but
when you want to recharge without the
use of a Potion 'Solar Creeper' is

'Summon Grizzly' is the standard one
to send out, but when the hordes are
too large, just go for 'Summon Dire
Wolf'. Keep in mind that your character
is fragile, so you need to have Tanks
around you.


1 | Raven
1 | Poison Creeper
1 | Oak Sage
1 | Summon Spirit Wolf
1 | Carrion Vine
1 | Summon Dire Wolf
1 | Solar Creeper
1 | Summon Grizzly
Total: 8

6. Skill Placement:

Just start with the 'Tornado' and the
'Hurricane' part of the build and place
one point in each Summon you can get and
when you're done with that, go to the
Fire part and boost that.

7. Equipment:

Helmet: Jalal's Mane // Ber
Armor: Enigma // Mage Plate
Weapon: Heart of the Oak // Flail
Shield: Spirit // Monarch
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Boots: Sandstorm Trek
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Ring: Stone of Jordan
Ring: Stone of Jordan

Weapon: Call to Arms // Flail
Shield: Spirit // Monarch

This character just need a lot of points in
Skills to boost his power. So the basic
caster setup works the best with him. If you
don't want to Teleport with this character,
switch the 'Enigma' for a 'Chains of Honor'.

If you plan to use 'Chains of Honor', change
the 'Mara's Kaleidoscope' for an Caster
Crafted Amulet with +2 Skills, +20% FCR, +Add.
Then you'll reach the next FCR Frame without
losing your power.

Update 1.1: 'Jalal's Mane' vs. 'Harlequin Crest'
is a tough choice, but I changed the
'Harlequin Crest' to 'Jalal's Mane', because I
was lacking Resistance. Besides that
'Jalal's Mane' gives you FHR, Mana After
each Kill and Strength.

8. Inventory:

Hellfire Torch
9x Natural Grand Charm of Vita

If you've enough Resistance go for FHR Small
Charms, otherwise go for Resistance.

9. Statistics:

+ Skills: 19 with 'Battle Command'

+ FCR: 105% - 115% (depends on the 'Spirit')
164% is the next frame, but it's not worth
to reach it. You'll need to offer a lot of
damage while this character doesn't have a
huge amount of damage from the start.

10. Mercenary:

Nightmare Defense Desert Mercenary:

Helmet: Ethereal Crown of Ages // 2x Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Armor: Ethereal Shaftstop // Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Weapon: Infinity // Ethereal Cryptic Axe

The Holy Freeze Aura on the Merc will grant you a awesome
Crowd-Control skill. All the enemies will slow down in order
to be get slaughtered by your character. Give your Mercenary
the 'Infinity' Runeword and he will be your best friend on

With this equipment he has 45% DR and more than enough Life
Leech to keep him alive.

If you want more Mana to play more aggresive, just go with
'Insight' then. Keep in mind that you the monsters have more
Resistance then.

11. End:

I did not post any kind of "lower"-equipment because I feel
that the items this character needs are not that expensive,
except the 'Infinity' Runeword.

In further updates I'll let know if the Dual 'Dream' works
well with this build in order to get the third element.

Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments:
[email protected]
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