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please help with my fishy... singleplayer HC...

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by Zaran, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Zaran

    Zaran IncGamers Member

    Aug 11, 2010
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    please help with my fishy... singleplayer HC...

    fact before starting: trying to keep muling to a minimum. basically only upgrade stuff when I find better stuff!

    lets continue ..

    Hello everyone!

    longtime lurker, firsttime poster...

    anyway I just started playing again and im now playing 1.13c singleplayer D2LOD HC... my fishymancer is now at act 3 NM , yet to start the first quest there.

    I have been running /players 8 exclusivly now since the start.

    my goal is to complete the game and build up my fishy to a godly fishy, started out naked and i'm only gonna use what I find/create myself.

    I am also running the runeword mod so I can create ladder runewords in singleplayer (if I ever found those Bers and Jahs etc :p )

    these are my base stats without equipment: (+ to stats you can see on the items below)

    name : zaran
    level: 56

    strength : 32
    dex: 25
    vita: 263
    nrg: 35

    naked i have 643 life and 154 mana.

    skills WITHOUT + from items (+ from items you can see below)

    summoning :

    20 RS
    20 skeleton mastery
    1 skeletal mage

    1 in all golems and mastery
    1 revive
    1 summon resist

    poison/bone spells :

    1 teeth
    1 bone armor (thinking of maxing bone wall for synergy after completion of other skills)
    8 corpse explosion (so far, gonna max it ofc)

    nothing else here yet


    1 point in weaken,terror,decrepify, amplify damage (so far)
    nothing else yet

    this is my crappy equipment, laugh and flame away, obviously some items are worn because of the MF% and not because of good mods :)

    , I have taken screenshots of them all for easier viewing :

    helm :



    gloves :


    ring 1 :

    belt :

    ring 2 :

    shield :

    boots :


    my merc is a NM offensive might merc.

    helm :

    armor :

    weapon :


    alright, now you know exactly what gear I have and stats so far.

    at the moment my plans for skills are to max CE and _probably_ max bone wall for the bone armor synergy. (hardcore mode remember!)

    but now I have some questions!

    1. you can see that I have a +3 summon wand, +2 RS preserved head, is there something better I can get right NOW by shopping or just clearing areas? what areas? what shops and in what difficulty?

    I am thinking a +3 RS +3 skeleton mastery bone wand, but havent found one so far, any tips for that?

    any tips for preserved heads or so with good fishymancer mods? (using my current one just for the +2 RS mod)

    (I am thinking arm of king leoric when I find it :))

    2. you can also see that I have crappy gear on myself, but its mostly for MF purposes atm, the items with +MF atleast using this crappy MF gear to find better obviously , but what should I look for?... any suggestions here that is available for me , in my current situation? (remember no trading, singleplayer untwinked)

    3. you can see my mercs crappy gear also, atleast made a strength partizan for him for the crushing blow and life leech, also some life leech on the helm, and with might he makes around 350-550 damage or so on the LCS, any suggestions for my merc now/soon/endgame?

    I am thinking insight in the best superior ethereal elite polearm(lance? what's best?) that I can find myself, for the mana regen, so I can rape with CE later on :) but how will I get CB and life leech with insight weapon on merc?

    suggestions and predictions please!

    4. obviously crappy gear on both me and my merc, but keep in mind im not gonna trade for items, gonna live off the land , and im running runeword mod so my end-game goal is to have atleast some nice runewords on my merc and myself even if it takes long time to find the runes for them! , but what are the best long-term options for this? I mean , even if it takes a long time, what's THE best items for a fishymancer in terms of killing speed and pure ownage? (even if I play hardcore)

    5. I am really sorry for making such a lengthy post, but I will be forever grateful to the soul that takes time and effort to answer my humble questions! it will be enormously appreciated and also I apologize if something is unclear about my wishes for my fishy and what the goal is for him in endgame... (basically I wanna rape any area on hell mode HC /players 8 singleplayer :p)

    again sorry for so much text etc... but I will be REALLY grateful if you have patience and answers....

    thanks ... Zaran !
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2010
  2. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack IncGamers Member

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Re: please help with my fishy... singleplayer HC...

    Main recommendation: use the Single Player forum. Obviously you will get better SP specific help there.

    As for muling, you can use a muling program (found in the SP forum stickies). (It also lets you get text readouts for items. I didn't even look at your gear because I don't want to open 15 new tabs.)

    As for your questions:

    1. Here is a shopping calculator and an affix calculator. That may help deciding what can be shopped. I don't remember all the details on what staffmods can be shopped, but there are very detailed threads on that already. Use the search tool to find them, or use google with "" if you prefer.

    2. Doesn't the fishymancer guide give gear recommendations? As for what to look for......look at all of the gear that drops? Fishies don't need any particular piece of gear, so unless you have a particular goal with gear, it doesn't matter much. Maybe you haven't read the original guide.

    You should think about whether you want to go with max block or max vita. If you find an Homonculus, then getting max block doesn't take too much dexterity, but many people prefer max vita, saying that blocking isn't needed when you have 15-25 minions running around and the most dangerous range attacks aren't blockable anyway.

    3. Yes, Insight will work well for CE. I use an Insight golem on my fishy (IG on insight stick). Other good options (if you go with insight golem or no insight at all) are: Honor (good low to mid level, okay for end game) and Obedience (aside from Infinity, this is the best weapon for a fishy's merc.) There are some decent uniques like Bonehew and Arioc's Needle, just avoid cold damage since it can shatter corpses.

    4. I don't play HC, but I'll guess at ideal gear for a fishy (guessing since I've never worried much about ideal):

    Main switch: beast/homonculus(pdiamond)
    secondary: AoKL/homonculus
    helm: Harlequin's Crest (maybe an um rune or a ptopaz? not too important once you have all this great gear)
    Armor: Enigma
    ammy: mara's (or +2 necro +20% fcr + resist +life/mana/str/dex craft)
    rings: 2 of Stone of Jordan or Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
    Gloves: Probably magefist (not too sure it +1 fire works on CE) (this slot isn't too important)
    belt: arachnid mesh
    boots: Marrow Walk (if you really want to max out skill levels, not too important)

    Charm: obviously Summon charms and any res/life you can get.

    Might Merc: Infinity, Fortitude, Andariel's Visage (cham)

    You want Cannot Be Frozen on the merc somewhere.....

    Obviously, this is a lot of high runes, and it could take years to get them with a necro, even with the increased drop rates. Necros just aren't all that fast as non-area-clearing runners.

    5. No problemo turtle dude. Fishymancers perform very well in Hell /p8, even with mediocre gear, but to ....ahem...."rape" it, you will need good gear.

    Here's a tip: using words like "rape" is not generally appreciated on this forum. :thumbup:

    Okay....that's long enough.
  3. Zaran

    Zaran IncGamers Member

    Aug 11, 2010
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    Re: please help with my fishy... singleplayer HC...


    thank you very much snickersnack!

    I'll try the SP forums and keep searching for that AOKL and homunculus I guess!


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