Please help my Frenzier kick butt...


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Please help my Frenzier kick butt...

I have been playing assassins and druids lately, and whilst they're pretty fun (especially the phoenix striker), I thought I'd have a quick romp with a Barbarian again, for old time's sake.

He shall be called Divinus, in honour of my first (massively flawed) attempt at building a frienzier. He will be using swords, mainly because duel-wielding great swords looks badass, and because I've got a few lined up in my stashes. I would like to ultimately turn this guy into a Baal/Mephisto runner.

I know that the sorceress or LF Javazon seem more suited to this role, but the frienzier is so much fun! Anyways, I will be intending to get huge IAS, a lot of crushing blow, and everyone's favourite... static field.

For gear, I was thinking as follows:

- Arreat's face for general use
- Guillaume's face for boss running

-Duress is certainly attractive, but that means I'll need two more Um's
-Lionheart is a cheap-ish alternative, and that stat boost is very nice indeed
-Treachery is certainly nice too, with the fade, venom, and big IAS

-A nice rare
-IK gloves

-I've got a decent string of ears, on layby from CelciusXII
-IK belt
-Verdungoe's hearty cord (if I every find one)

-IK boots
-War Traveller
-Gorerider seems the best candidate though

-A nice rare with resists or skills could work.
-I'm also intrigued by the Cat's Eye. Could be fun on a frenzier

-Ravenfrost (a staple item)
-A nice rare with useful stats

-for boss running (and probably general use too...) 2x Crescent moon swords. Though this means I need another Um rune. I've already got one, but I need another for this... Add in Duress... and things start looking rather expensive. :cry:

On paper, the setup seems pretty solid, but what do you guys think?


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It looks good, I've got two myself (swords and axes). But, I've found out that diverting more resources towards your weapons pays bigger dividends. I recently made a Grief RW myself, and I can kill alot of monsters with one hit in Hell! You can do pretty good with just Gloom or Smoke for armor -- it helps but IMO your weapons are :king:

I also think you need either a Life Tap wand or Dracul's grasp. And, I think the FRW on Cat's eye is good, but the DS on Highlord's is better. That's my 2 pennies.


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Yeah, I kinda figured I'd have to blow my budget, and splurge on a couple Um runes. My 'wallet' will be sore for a little while, but my barb will be singing praises of me.

Keep the posts coming, thanks in advance!


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Why use two CMs? I'd use one and then go for some other sword that does something CM doesn't. Two weapons is your chance to go nuts with the mods. Maybe something with amp damage, + skills, CB, massive damage since speed doesn't matter, etc.


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Why use two CMs?
Well, I figured that with my inherently high IAS, the static field on CM would trigger a lot. I can make one crescent moon, I suppose, and see how he goes with it. I can always make another, If I want...

But I suppose I could use another weapon to fill the gaps, for boss-running, I could use the el-cheapo strength runeword to get some more CB...

So many decisions to make... :undecided:

Anyways, keep the ideas coming...



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Between the Orphan's helm, Goreriders, and SF, Strength probably wouldn't be worth it since it doesn't do much other than CB.

Lawbringer would be a nice boss running sword with that decryp and -TD. It has all sorts of goodies in terms of mods, and it makes sure nothing is even remotely immune to you (nice for WSKing while you Baal.)

I'd probly splurge and go for some massive damage sword though. :prop: Kingslayer is my favorite boredline unreasonable RW.


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Kingslayer is certainly nice, but I just don't have the runes for it. Lawbringer is very nice for a cheapish runeword, but a nice cruel x of the x sword could work too.


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I'd go for an Oath RW for your first (in an eth Conquest sword, superior if possible), if you don't come across runes too much. I have some nice one-handed rare swords I can throw your way, if you don't mind handouts. I used them until I found runes for CM, Kingslayer, and Grief. Needless to say that the CM is now retired. If I could do it again, I wouldn't even bother with CM or Kingslayer. A good Oath tops them both for raw dmg.

Edit: IIRC I have a Cruel Mythical sword, if you want it.


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I don't know what your "budget" is, but Lightsabre, Doombringer, and The Vile Husk are all viable alternatives (for swords).


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>> RibGriller:

I am more than happy to accept handouts. email is:
Only send whatever you aren't going to need.


I hadn't thought of doombringer. I have one laying around somewhere, so I may as well put it to good use.


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Oh yes, how could I forget Doombringer, Lightsabre, and Bloodmoon (I don't like the looks of Bloodmoon, but it doles out decent dmg).

I'll get you something by tomorrow afternoon. GL


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Well, I figured that with my inherently high IAS, the static field on CM would trigger a lot.
It will, but in hell it's capped at 50% damage, so it'll only do 1/2 of the work - you need a big, nasty, hurty weapon on your off-hand to help finish the job.

FYI, my experience with my /p8 frenzier (using Stormlash & Schaeffer's) was that killing the first 50% of the monsters life was only 5% of the work - ctc static kicks butt - however, that last 50% of life could be miserable. LI's were even worse, of course. Also, when you encounter LI's, it's nice to have an alternative, so I don't recommend a second Cresent Moon.

Doombringer is possibly the best choice overall (or maybe Azurewrath, if you have one), but another sword that I've felt is often overlooked for frenzy would be Flamebellow: +vitality, +strength, huge fire absorb, decent physical damage, decent fire damage, and a chance to cast a crappy spell (but it's got cool visuals, woot). Also, you'd have Lightning, Fire, and Physical damage, so no dual-immunities that take forever.

- I also used a Gloom armor for resists, but I already had decent crushing blow from my weapons and boots, so I suspect you'll want Duress - especially when you're using Arreat's Face.
- Highlord's is probably better than Cat's Eye too (although I do like the FR/W and +dex on Cat's Eye).
- I've always felt that for melee, the partial bonuses from the IK boots, belt, and gloves are pretty hard to beat. The only exception (for me) is if you can use Dracul's Grasp, Verdungo's, and Gorerider's together. Although I haven't had any luck on crafting a decent pair of 'blood' gloves yet...

Finally, my experience with my Frenzier taught me one valuable thing. Taunt rocks!. Copied from my frenzybarb's patriarch thread:

Taunt is probably one of the most underrated skills in the game; with enough patience you can chip away at any dangerous pack of monsters. For example, I was able to escape this in the Chaos Sanctuary in Hell, using Leap Attack to get away and then drawing every minion away with Taunt (1-3 minions each time). The whole process for that group took 3 Full Rejuv's and about 45 minutes. I felt somewhat guilty pausing the game to take the screenie, but at least I didn't save and exit - or die.... keep in mind that was on /players8.