Please Help Me With My Wind Druid


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Please Help Me With My Wind Druid

What skills should I invest the most in?? Stats?? I'm pretty sure i got good enough equipment for it, just need some help with the skills. PLease help


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Most PvP Winddruids put 20 i all 4 wind skills and then rest in Oak Sage and one point in Ravens and Spirit Wolves.

For PvM, you could variate this to Max Oak Sage, Hurricane, Tornado and Cyclone Armor, with the rest of the points in Twister for synergies

Stats should be the classic layout:

STR: Enough to wear your equipment and nothing more
DEX: Enough to have 75% Block or nothing
VIT: The rest - as much as possible
ENE: Nothhing

Aron Figaro

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Hmm...well, my druid (PvM) is going to be a wind/summoning Hunter (ie bow druid) so I plan on maxing Twister, Tornado, Hurricane, and putting points into all but Spirit of Barbs for summons. I've got 5 in Spirit Wolf and 1 in Dire Wolf right now. I'm thinking I'll bring DW up to five and then max Grizzly.
If my guide gets restored soon, definitely give it a read.
Otherwise, max all tornado synergies and tornado, then max oak. 1 pt in bear.
Str - enough for gear
Dex - max block
vita - rest
ene - none.