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Please help me with my Monk

Discussion in 'Monk' started by Mannerless, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Mannerless

    Mannerless IncGamers Member

    Sep 20, 2013
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    I would like to begin by saying i have played this game for just under two weeks and am playing on the Xbox 360. I have no access online due to some issue i am straightening out or my gear would surely be much better. To that end, everything i own and am in the game is completely single player and done 100% solo. I was a Demon Hunter and now i am a much loved class, the Monk. I am currently in need of some serious assistance with a little confusion i am having with the class at this time.

    On this thread i am going to list as much detail as possible to give he broadest range of help and information possible. Below are the details and build information:

    Mode: Hell
    Difficulty: Master 1
    level: 54
    Time Played: 6 days

    Current Stats (Obviously subject to change)

    Dexterity: 1723
    Vitality: 1337
    Armor: 3399
    DPS: 8785.55
    APS: 1.57
    Critical Chance: 14%
    Critical Damage: 67% (Was much higher with other weapon)
    Life: 56,183
    Movement Speed: 12% (from 24%)
    Damage Reduction: 55.73%
    Dodge: 37.24%
    Block: 18%

    Build Details:

    Main: Fists of Thunder/Thunderclap
    Secondary: Wave of Light/Explosive Light
    Skill 3: Mystic Ally/Earth Ally (recently changed from Air ally)
    Skill 4: Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath (recently changed from Sweeping Wind/Blade Storm
    Skill 5: Mantra of Conviction/Overawe
    Skill 6: Mantra of Healing/Sustenance

    Passive 1: Seize the Initiative
    Passive 2: Transcendence
    Passive 3: Combination Strike (Swaps with The Guardians Path when necessary)

    Build Breakdown:

    I chose this build after some time to maintain a high average of damage and an even higher average of survivability. During nightmare mode (act 3+) I was being completely destroyed constantly despite my good gear for the level, by nearly any elite pack and or large mob of strong monsters. Looking to maintain damage and survive i decided to tweak a build almost 80% to what i use now, continuing to suit my play style, crush endless waves of the hardest enemies and survive every encounter, with my closest to death moment being 35% life from desecration.

    Follower: I have used all followers, mainly the Enchantress for a long while, but have recently changed to the Templar for his extremely valuable 12% spirit generation. The fact that hes immortal and heals is also cool.

    For this reason my build is able to constantly hold a high amount of spirit and/or build it up very quickly to utilize my crushing combo and spam bell as much as possible. This build utterly annihilates AOE, no matter the size.

    I can get hit extremely hard and survive as well as freely stand in plague/desecration and molten pools for the most part, granted i can hit things and have MOH active.

    I have followed some builds earlier in my career but now maintain my own build that seems to be doing ridiculously well against all situations thus far. My issue, however, is not with my build but instead with some recent calculations the game is telling me.

    I have been a duel wield Monk pretty much 100% of the game and enjoy the massive success i have had with it. But just recently i found a random magic (blue) fist weapon with no amazing stats or anything, just a high damage, much higher then my top weapon so far. Once equipped, my info page told me that i an doing much more damage with just it than if i was holding another weapon.

    So Iwent from holding a main and off weapon to just this fist to trial the game out... Sure enough this was not false. I am doing drastically higher damage with ONE weapon in my hand and now the use of a shield, than what i would do if i equipped my old best weapon in the second hand to duel wield. Completely baffled by this, i decided to run a series of tests over the last hour. Here is the information:

    Mode: Hell
    Difficulty: Master 1
    Enemy: Skeletons (Cathedral)

    Part 1)

    Fist Weapon + Shield
    No Follower
    No Ally
    Skill: Fists of Thunder/ Thunderclap
    Buffs: Mantra of Conviction/Overawe
    Standard Damage: 6,500-11,000 per hit
    Critical Damage: 15,000-19,000 per hit

    +Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath:
    Standard Damage: 8,500-13,000 per hit
    Critical Damage: 16,000 - 21000 per hit

    Remember all of these numbers are PER HIT not DAMAGE PER SECOND and were all tested on only skeletons found only in the Cathedral of Act 1 Hell mode single player.

    After testing these numbers i replaced the shield with my old main hand weapon and the information screen states a loss of 500 DPS. While then continuing to test the numbers against the same enemies in the same two methods used above, the damage was shockingly low. This leaves me to ask the following questions to the more experienced Monks on this forum.

    Why is this happening and is it correct?
    How is this happening and can it be changed?
    Has anything like this happened to another player before/has been documented already?

    I thank all members for their input, please feel free to state your information here or contact me directly. Personally i somewhat prefer the use of a shield, even though i LOVE duel wielding weapons. It appears to have not decreased my attack speed in any way, yet the lack of damage stats on the weapon is something i would think to miss. The shield adds an even higher aspect of survival to my already extremely tough Monk who last died during level 43 when i was hit by a waller/enchanted combo in nightmare mode act 4.

    Potions are a rare item to use with my build, and i have several hundred of them piling up in my stash.

    If you have any other suggestions that do not directly match the criteria of this post, please feel free to post them anyway.

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