Please help me start!!


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Please help me start!!


I'm planing to build a barb char and i'd like to know what are the most sucessfull builds.

All the information on this subject is most apreciated...



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every barb has:

20 BO
1 battle command
1-4 nat resist
remaining points after build go synergies


concentrate: 20 concentrate, 20 shout, 20 mastery. possible with and without shield (easy and safe to play with shield, good for hardcore newbies)

iron frenzy: 20 frenzy, 20 shout, 20 mastery (no shield possible, easy to play, but less safe with no option for shield)

warcry frenzy: 20 frenzy, 15+ warcry, 20 mastery (harder to play, very safe if you dont make mistakes and be carefull with champions)

warcry berserk: 20 berserk, 15+ warcry, 5 mastery (harder than the warcry frenzy as you have 0 defence vs champions and ranged, high damage. for the somewhat more skillfull player. good for mf runs as they ignore iron maiden and kill single bosses fast)

whirlwind: 20 ww, 20 shout (never play ww barbs, i dont like the skill, with shield the damage is low, without it i dont think they are hardcore safe, with it not really either as you simply cant use it when iron maiden casters are around)

thrower: 20 double swing, 1 double throw (high damage with fast attack if the build is correct (playing this in hardcore is what i see as a true chalenge though. hardest build to play)

singer: 20 warcry + all synergies (didnt try it yet cuz it seems boring to me. shouldnt be too hard to play since everyone will usually be stunned. damage can get up to 2000, dont know if that is enough for comfort)