Please help me out


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Please help me out

Right now I'm in Act III in normal (I know I'm in one of the older versions of DII). I'm a level 27 necromancer, and I'm completely stuck on Mephisto. I've gotten to the Durance of Hate level III, but as soon as I encounter the dark lords everything goes to hell. Right now I have four skellies at level 7 mastery, three mages, and a steel golem. I usually bring a merc with me as well. When I enter the durance of hate level III, the dark lords kill my skellies and mages almost instantanously with their fire and meteor attacks. That leaves just me, a merc, and a golem. At first I tried killing all of the guys in there just using amplify damage, but they were too strong. I leveled and got decrepify, but it only lasts about a second and doesnt seem to do much. Please help me out on how I can get past Mephisto.


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I'm not an necro expert but if you can somehow get to levle 30 and get a fire golem, it would help a lot. Fire golem can survive for quite a while against fire attacks (the lords). But it may take quite a while to level up to 30 in a single player game in act3 :(

If you are a summoner then you may also want to put some points into summon resist (if you haven't already done it)...


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your problem is that your skill points are too split up.. had you put them exclusively into raise skeleton(and 1 into decrep and summon resist) you shouldnt have problems.

In any case, use clay golem because of his slowing effect, decrep mephi, and if possible, smack some cold damage on him aswell. That, along with strong skeles should take him out.

So, the perfect skill layout at your level would be like this:

1 amp damage
1 weaken
1 terror
1 decrepify

20 raise skeleton
1 skele mastery
1 clay golem
1 golem mastery
1 summon resist

with a decent wand(shop for a +3 raise skeleton one from akara) you should be ready to take him on!

with your current build... your raise skeleton skill is simply too weak, skeletons simply dont have enough life.

So i suggest a restart. sorry. but that might be the only way.


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Either that, or play with somebody else to get past meph.
Or try and get some more levels to go towards the skills Zrk mentioned.


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if this is stand alone, you're probably facing, as was mentioned, a rebuild.

if this is on a realm, it'd take all of 3 seconds for someone here to help you past that quest.

I'm somewhat curious how your skellies managed to stand up against the stygians, and such, not to mention flayering and council if you did it "stand alone".