PLEASE help me... and you'll have fun doing this too ;-) i

A Stupid Cracker

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PLEASE help me... and you'll have fun doing this too ;-)

Here's the dilly-o:
This girl I know liked me, I didn't like her.
She asked for my email address. I gave it to her.
She's the only one that knows it.
When I checked my e-mail today, I had 56 spam messages. I KNOW it was her, because I rejected her and she took it badly.
So PLEASE, if you wouldn't mind, sign up [email protected] for whatever emails are possible! Me and a few friends already did like 20 ;-)


Most people here don't have don't take pleasure by participating in others' revenge practices by irritating and being a pain in the butt to complete strangers.

The guy that did is no longer among us, thank god.


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I hearby crown this thread: "Stupid Idea of the Day".

Congratulations. Try posting this on the Something Awful forums. The goons would probably love to help with something like this.

Dark Matter

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A Stupid Cracker said:
She's the only one that knows it.
Do you think I got off the boat yesterday?

This is not a true statement. At the very least your ISP, or whichever webmail account you used also knows it.

And I don't believe you would have set up an email account just for her either.

It's probably one of your soi-disant friends who wants to get off with her and is making sure that you do something stupid and have no chance of a rematch

My 2c