Please help! (Fast!)


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[exile] said:
So, my sister somehow managed to come home on time, read the thing, and change around basically the whole second half. It ended up sounding much better.

I managed to not stutter or stumble on any words. So I guess it went surprisingly well.

Thanks to all who helped (and/or cared to ask how it went :D)!

(farting bob: Haha, didn't faint. Got up there, took a couple of seconds, and just kept talking.)

(If anything, I'm surprised I didn't fall off the stairs or something.)
well congrats on getting the honor, and at my graduation they didn't even have to read a speech just read it .... anyone could enter there speech, then was picked by the grad council and tweaked

My grad was soo long and boring and it took forever for everyone to get there diploma ( last name begins with a T ) i was soo far back i needa telescope or something ( catholic school so we were in church ) and i was half asleep during the speech and was checking out the potential for tonight :p

HUNK HUNK BEEP BEEP ASS~~~ To be Young Again.... ( it was only last year eeRRRRR )