Please disregard my name, an introduction and a few questions der=


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Please disregard my name, an introduction and a few questions

Well, first, please disregard my name.

I've been a reader for a while, and I've kinda just registered (well, I haven't posted much). I play Single Player, and I am really in need of advice.

1) I've just decided to start a Zealot, and as far as I can tell, Zealots use Zeal as their main attack. Anything else I should know about? And yes, I have read the guide at the top of this forum.

2) Keeping in mind that I'm stupid, how do I change the "/player x" setting?

3) What gear should I aim for, keeping in mind I play single player.

Thanks in advance,
The One With a Stupid Name


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1) Well you should prob put a few points into vengance for the PIs.

2) Not completely sure but i think its /players X.

3) Helm: Rockstopper is great and is fairly easy to find.

Gloves and Boots: Sigons. 10% life leech, 30% ias are very good and
extremely easy to find.

Belt: Goldwrap, String, and Bladebuckle are all nice.

Weapon: Cresent Moon is very nice and fairly cheap. Only rune you'll have
trouble finding is um. Put it in a phase blade or a berzerker axe.


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Ok. But I really need to know how to change the player setting.

So far I'm playing as /players 1, but I want to make it /players 2.

Please help, and thanks.