Please advise on build


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Please advise on build

I had this post in another thread but I think it got overlooked because of the title. I have written up a build I was thinking of trying out so I thought I'd just post it here and see if any of you have some suggestions. I play PVM non-ladder and my goal for the zon is to just be effective throughout the majority of the areas in Hell. Not looking for an MF runner here, I have another character I'm using for that.

Skills at lvl 90 (102 skill points for distribution)

20 Frozen Arrow (1 prereq)
20 Cold Arrow
20 Strafe (4 prereqs)
20 Lightning Fury (3 prereqs)
1 in all passive/magic with additional 3 points going into pierce to hit 100% at lvl 9.

Windforce (8% ml and Shael)
Nightwing Veil (15% IAS 13% ED Jewel)
Spirit Forge (2 15% IAS Jewels)
Highlords Ammy
Laying of Hands
Stone of Jordan
Not sure on the boots, was considering Waterwalk for the dex/life or Goreriders?

Titans Javelins and Mosers with 2 P Diamonds on switch

Annihilus 20/17/8
1 Bow/Crossbow GC
Various 10% resist charms as needed
Some cold small charms to add freezing duration for FA


Str: Enough for WF
Mana: Base
Dex/Life: Not sure how to balance this

That's what I have collected for the build so far. My main questions are:
1. How do the skill points look? Will Strafe, FA, and LF take care of my needs? Will 1 point in all passive/magic plus a few extra in penetrate be the best use of those skill points?

2. Does the equimpment look okay? I set it up to reach the 9/2 breakpoint. Will I need more mana leech to maintain FA/Strafe or will the 8% from WF and the SOJ take care of me? What boots are best?

3. What are the best charms to shoot for with this build? More +1 Bow GC's or more cold damage small charms? Poison charms maybe? I have several 176/6 poison large charms.

4. Are stat points okay? What do you recommend me do with Dex and Life?

5. Am I gonna run into anything I just can't handle with this build or areas I won't be able to get through effectively?

Thanks for your time and responses!


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Well I didn't get any advise on the build but I can at least let anyone who is interested know how it's going so far. I'm at level 73 and just got my windforce equiped and am really enjoying it so far. I haven't headed into Hell yet though so we'll see what happens there. I currently have Lightning Fury maxed and Strafe maxed and will be working on Frozen Arrow next. I also decided to get my Valk up to level 17 (currently lvl 15). I substituted a Vamprie Gaze for the Nightwing Veil idea because I didn't have any mana leech when the titans were equiped. I'm going to pick up 2 passive/magic Grand Charms to make up for the lost +2 skills from Nightveil. Now I have 7% ml with titans and 15% with the windforce which is taking care of things nicely. I hit the 9//2 IAS breakpoint and it's really fast compared the old Buriza I was used to using in 1.09.

About the only thing I'm worried about is resists in Hell. With the Moser's Blessing and Titans I think I'll do just fine but I'll be hurting a little with the Windforce. I'm going to try and use as many resist sc's as I can to bump it up and just switch over to the titans/mosers when I'm in troubled areas.

Anyhow, so far I'm very pleased with the build and would highly recommend it based on my experience so far. It's really nice to have such versatility with Lightning Fury, Strafe, and Frozen Arrow. I will come back and post again once I finish Hell and tell you if I have any major difficulties.

Final Skill point distribution plan at Level 99 (111 points):

20 Strafe
20 Lightning Fury
20 Frozen Arrow
20 Cold Arrow
12 Valk (17 with +skills)
4 Pierce (9 with +skills)
1 in each other passive = 8
7 in prereqs

That totals 111 and I will finish off Cold Arrow last as I level toward 99.

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I recommend dropping FA/CA, since you haven't maxed them yet. Just one point in the area affect freeze arrow spell + cold charms (for freeze length) should do it..


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Blazzer said:
i'd highly recommend maxing out GA, as its the BEST 1v1 skill an amazon has
I'd highly recommending not maxing out GA, as it's a one-point wonder for an amazon. With Guided not piercing, it really is only good for targeting specific opponents if you need to kill it before everything else(like shamans, etc). It still takes a long time to do this, when you can clear the room using any of the skills in this build in the same amount of time or less.

The build looks good to me- I'd definately support leveling up your cold arrow last, since FA is effective without the synergy maxed, though maxing it does help. Since you're not likely to reach 99 anytime soon, it's the skill you can most afford to do without in the build.

For resists, you might look at substituting a tals mask in for your gaze. It will give you more leech, as well as some resists. Resistance charms will help out a lot too. If you play it safe and hide behind your merc/valk when playing in bow mode, you should be fairly safe with only mediocre resists, especially when using FA to freeze things in place.


Blazzer said:
i'd highly recommend maxing out GA, as its the BEST 1v1 skill an amazon has
GA is not worth to max anymore in 1.10. It is must have bugged skill at v1.09 (PVP King :D). So Blizzard decide to make it weaker at 1.10 :D