playing style and some musing


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playing style and some musing

Kind of curiosity if I'm in a minority that usually play's single.

My reason is not fear of PK, more like having time to run the game in my own timeframe. That is, clear an area, checking things out, not having a rush to next area with a lot's of "hurry, hurry".

As to PK, don't really get it. Some idiot get's a script and can make a real nasty poke. But why? In HC which is the only play I do it's "game over", someone getting pleasure by being mean?
Sideline, has been targeted some times, survived and the PK:er quickly leaves the game. Can only call it a cowardly move. Pvp, then you have it front up, which means honest, sneaking in and setting up => low standard.

As to playing style, my trusty meteorb with her loyal merc takes anything except ubers. Which is why I begun to checking out Paladin's. Don't know why I didn't do it before. They sure can swing easily as long as IM not is active. But it seem's to be a yellow streak somewhere, IM, time to call in a sorc to clear those pesky knight's.

Greetings from Sveden, Mats.


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I'd like to point out that PK does not stand for TPPK. There are honest, legit PKs out there, and I'm one of them. TPPKs on the other hand... *Bites his tongue* We could go on for hours about that problem. It's good that you have your own way of enjoying the game. Take it at your pace and just have fun.



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Thats what i've been doing...i'm lvl 89 and havent visited a public game yet.I'm not sure yet whether i agree with any form of player killing if both sides dont consent to it first...but seeing as the game is structured this way i find i must choose whether to risk going public...which i plan to do at some point of course.
Wouldn't an idea be to set games up from these forums to cut risk of pk'ing?


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First of all, I doubt that crating forum games would be any different from Op XBananaX games, as the forum pretty much directly ports to the channel, but these neither here nor there.

Forum games to avoid legit PK would be kind of silly, as a large percentage of the legit PKers and duelers out there peruse this forum. That being said they are honorable people, I'm a mediocre PvP player at best, but some of my best friends online are accomplished ear-collecters, and I trust them completely.

I'd say the best advice I can give you if you want community games is either to hop into Op XBananaX and introduce yourself, be polite and open-minded and you'll do fine. Also, it never hurts to make a disposable dueler, such as a lvl 26 kicker and take part in the PvP action yourself, wait in tomb games for chargers, block their charge and open up on them. It will give you a sense for the rush PvP in hardcore can be, and will show you just how easy it is to avoid legit PKs so mayhaps you won't view it as such a dastardly deed.



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As to PK, don't really get it. Some idiot get's a script and can make a real nasty poke. But why? In HC which is the only play I do it's "game over", someone getting pleasure by being mean?
You have to realise that there is is big difference between PK'rs and TPPK'rs. The former play with in the rules of the game and you have a chance of survival. The latter cheat and don't give you much of a chance at survival.

You are suppose to have a short period before someone who goes hostile can attack you. TPPK's cheat and exploit loop holes/bugs in the game so you have no time to defend your self.

A typical TPPKer will launch a spell at you, tp to town, hostile you and your dead in under a second. You generally have no chance.

Another way they get you is to make your game lag so you stand there while they kill you.

I have also heard of people who have died in town because a TPPK'r takes advantage of a bug in the game to kill you.

In these example you have almost no chance of survival because the TPPK'rs cheat and that is why wise people don't play in public games.

People do it because it gives them a sense of power and brings out the hunting instinct that we all have. It is more prevelent in HC because people in SC can pretty much ignore them. In HC death has real consequences.



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i just reached level 90 and did it all solo.when i started in hardcore, noob that i was, i got tppked 5 or 6 times.occaionally i will join a pub game to mf but only in odd places where i cannot be found.i have had people hostile me then call me all kinds of names because i wont duel, i just tell them come find me and i will fight, man they hate that.:grin:


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hehe.. i did that cynicalcat.. in teh old times back in 1.09.. wasnt a big deal ofc.. since i was only low lvl.. but anyways.. the damn assa found me.. and kicked my *****(insert your own word here) out.. worst part was that i kind alaughed at him right before this.. hehe


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Greetings from Sveden, Mats.
Do you play on EuHCL ?
If so, have you checked out the KTA thread(s). It may provide you with all you want. A hack and cheat free co-operative team of questers, sharing out items based on need and not on who grabs the fastest.

Also, you might like to look at the Amazon Basin. They're a good bunch there as well.

Both are better than pubby / solo (imvho)