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Playing faster: what to pick and what to mule

Discussion in 'Theorycrafting and Statistics' started by JKS, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. JKS

    JKS IncGamers Member

    Jun 28, 2010
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    Playing faster: what to pick and what to mule

    After careful consideration, I have made the following conclusions:
    (please be so kind to add or correct me).

    In order to spend more time to play and less time to pick up and mule items:

    No picking of blue items, besides weapons.
    No picking of rare items, besides weapons and jewelry.
    No picking of gray items, besides Berserker axes, Threshers and Elite Paladin shields.

    Picking up, but no keeping for charms, unless +skill, damage, resists or MF.

    Basically the only real good crafting recipes are Blood weapon and Caster amulet (assuming that you have decent uniques/sets). In the first case the bottleneck are the weapons, so no need to stockpile rubies and orts. In second case the bottleneck are the amethists, so no need to stockpile the remaining items in higher quantities.

    Runes below HEL are useless (besides rals and orts), once you reach a healty stock of 10 each.
    Perfect gems are also useless (once you have a healthy stock of 10 or so of each), exceptions are rubies and amethists.

    I assume that you have already played a while and do not need to gather basic items.

    No picking up of unique/sets once you have 3 pieces of the item, unless it is an item with varying stats.
  2. Krupa

    Krupa IncGamers Member

    Mar 5, 2008
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    Re: Playing faster: what to pick and what to mule

    u´ld miss out on everything that is fun to me in the game with this kind of playstyle.
    its about finding items, cubing, crafting, trading and all that is in the end cuz of the hunter and gatherer we´ve been for so long

    blue circlets, armors, diadems, monarchs, wards, amulets, pelts, necro heads and possilby even gauntlets are worth iding too (each player has to draw the line at some point), cuz they can have awesome mods, that rares and uniques can´t have. e.g. been looking for an 2 ama 20 fcr 2 soc circlet for months now, can neither find a seller nor one myself :(

    rare gloves, boots, belts, helmets (pelts, ciclets) can be way better than most uniques/sets for most builds (except griffons and CoA for some builds)

    there are so many valuable socket items (AP´s 3 soc with ed e.g.)...

    u forgot the craster boots, caster belts, safety amulets, hit power gloves, blood gloves, blood rings and u can always reroll rare circlets, jewels and charms with the cube recipe. that is why u could collect pgs or sell them in packs for runes to trade with

    runes below hel can be used to reroll rws like insights, spirits and crafting

    those are the things i do in the mid-end ladder stage, since i usually have enough runes to buy random uniques and runewords, but not the high end crafts, charms & rares
  3. Shanksie1337

    Shanksie1337 IncGamers Member

    Dec 9, 2003
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    Re: Playing faster: what to pick and what to mule

    I think it all depends on how rich you are :)

    But Krupa hit it on the head, there are lots of things that can be worth picking up and id'ing at least that you'd leave on the ground that I would have a look at.

    [silly mode on]
    If you want to play really really really fast, you could only pick up runes Ohm and above and leave everything else on the floor
    [silly mode off]
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2010
  4. BKC

    BKC IncGamers Member

    Sep 13, 2008
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    Re: Playing faster: what to pick and what to mule

    ugh i pick up everything that has a potential value i couldnt stand the odds of loosing a JMOD by just not picking it up...

    i think i have the complete opposite gathering wise then you have JKS

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