Playing D2 with no cd?

Playing D2 with no cd?

Is it possible to use Onlyer's loader and putting all data on the drive? If so, what files are needed to copy from the cd-rom to the drive, I got full installation. Cd wont work cuz the cd rom is not working and I just built a decent classic mf baba that I wanna lvl



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well its not allowed, neither by blizzard or this forum....
i know the swap thing is annoying... but a "friend" of mine tried it.. and his fps was reduced from constant 75 to 20-30ish....[when for example casting an orb]
it has an readme...


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AliZe said:
well its not allowed, neither by blizzard or this forum..
Well, it's not allowd by Blizzard, and it's looked Down upon by this forum so basically, Doing it is not allowd by Blizzard. Explaining how to do it, or linking to somewhere that does, is not allowd by this forum.
Sorry.. just clarifying :p


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*Trying desperately to 'dumb-down'*

If his CD drive isn't working, thus he is asking for a no-cd crack ... how is he proposing to load the CD data onto his hard drive?

I smell a rat ...
(no offense of course if you harmlessly misworded ... )


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Here is what I did.

1. Bought Diablo II Classic.
2. Bought Diablo II: LoD Expansion.
3. Installed everything (the one that takes of 1.8+ Gb of space).
4. Waited for about 2 hours while Alcohol 120% imaged the disc to my hard drive.
5. Mounted the image as a virtual CD-ROM drive.

Diablo II now takes up about 3 Gb worth of space on my hard drive, but I don't lag because there is no CD spin up and I don't have to worry about 3rd party programs being found on my computer by Blizzard.

Here is an alternate method:

1. Collect underpants.
3. Profit