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Playing D1 for about the 10th time.

Discussion in 'Diablo 1' started by nightshark, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. nightshark

    nightshark IncGamers Member

    Mar 19, 2013
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    I've always loved D1 as a game and have played it through about once a year since I bought it back when it was released. I was a young teenager back then and didn't put much thought into what I was doing - although I didn't use trainers, I would basically cheat by using stuff like the duped GPOW and KSOH which was commonly dropped in games on BattleNet.

    Now, about 15 years later, I've actually sat down and decided to make a beast character for the first time ever, and I've actually been disappointed in how quickly my character feels maxed out. I'm playing a Sorcerer and although I'm only level 37, I don't feel much has changed since I was say... level 27. My gear is almost identical from lv27 except for an insane find of an Arch-Angels staff of Apoc on Adria.

    Gear I found, which ALL dropped before I even hit level 30:
    - Royal Circlet
    - Naj's Light Plate
    - Ring of the Zodiac (+19)
    - Obsidian Ring of Wizardary (+29 to magic)
    - Obsidian Amulet of Sorcery (+18 to magic)
    (All resists are MAX)

    And.. the AA staff of Apoc (11 chg), which I found at about level 35 on Adria.

    My base stats are nearly maxed out (Str is, Dex is, Magic is at 235, Vit is irrelevant)

    All spells I actually use are maxed out at 15 (18 after items). The only improvement I can see in gear is the Thinking Cap, which is more of a side-grade since I lose armor class. The reason I can't see this gear really being improved upon: If I get too much armor rating, or too much VIT from gear, I will start taking hit recovery when hit by monsters. That would be a terrible thing to do.

    Any long time D1 player care to point out if there are any ways I can actually improve upon my character? I realise I could probably do with better melee weapons (a good sword/shield), but I haven't really needed them so far. I have a decent sword/shield but nothing amazing (though, does it matter much when triple immunities get stone cursed..).

    Another interesting thing, I would say I have found most the uniques in the game, which I mule by using my second computer to hold. But so far I have not seen the thinking cap! Is this because the thinking cap only drops at a low level, or that I've just been unlucky?
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  2. HegemonKhan

    HegemonKhan IncGamers Member

    Mar 20, 2008
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    there's benefits to having a higher clvl, but are they worth the amount of time for lvling up, not really.

    the warrior benefits the most from higher clvl, and the mage the least.

    the problem and appeal of d1, is trying to get all 3 characters to clvl 50 and getting the best equipment possible without cheating. So, if this is for you, then this is for you, if not, then not, lol.

    there's plenty of threads on gear, both the dream (best) gear and the practical (achieve'able) gear.


    gear from the dungeon is based upon the mlvls, but not really on difficulty (a few exceptions), but rather merely the dungeon lvl (and of course the monster type, unique monster as you get better drops).

    almost all of your gear needs come from norm difficulty of dlvl 15 (with its 3-4 unique monsters, including lazuras) and dlvl 16 too.

    I believe the best source for the undead crown however is nm (nightmare) butcher, if my memory serves me.

    unfortunately, the "luck" is very strange. one or two days, you'll get all these great drops, and then for like the rest of the time you spend, you get nothing at all.


    town gear is based upon your clvl, so you may want to try to have a shop character, for trying to get the various items available at specific lower clvls, using a mule program for gold (the last thing you want is for wirt to have that once in a life time item, and you can't afford it, lol) for shopping and for giving the items to your real characters.
  3. Barl

    Barl IncGamers Member

    Jun 10, 2005
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    Thinking Cap has a qlvl of 6 and can drop in all difficulties. (source: Jarulf's Guide) And then when you find it, you've got to find a Hidden Shrine (or two) to avoid losing it down the road.

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