Players Smashing Past Greater Rift 100+ in Patch 2.4



[caption id="attachment_386902" align="alignright" width="336"] GR101 on the European Realm.[/caption]The Power Creep in Patch 2.4 is impossible to ignore, and it's certainly showing up on the Ladders, where multiple softcore four-player groups have already shattered the GR100 barrier. The current world's best is on the Korean realm, with a group clearing Greater Rift 103 in 14:25, and they're far from alone with the top 52 players on the Korea four-player ladder all at GR100+.

Outside of Korea this is still an achievement; just one European party has also broken GR100, with a GR101 clear in 14:42, and the lazy Americans should work harder! The best four-player party so far on the Americas Realm is a score of GR98 in 12:04.

No group has beaten GR100 yet on the Season 5 Ladder, (non-seasonal has thousands more Paragon Points, after all) but it's only a matter of time. Multiple Seasonal groups are already up to GR95 on the Korean ladder. GR91 is the best seasonal on US and EU, as of right now.

How are they smashing past Greater Rift 100+ in Patch 2.4? It's all about monster control; every party has one Wizard doing DPS, while the support/control comes from a Crusader, a Witch Doctor, and a Monk. I can't find a video from a party using this strategy to break GR100 this season, but one will surely pop up soon. (If you find one, post it in comments and we'll add it in.) You can get a sense of it in Quin's new video showing the Monk healing/support build, though there's not much gameplay and it's *only* on GR85.

Are you guys impressed by the power creep and strategy progression this Patch? Or do you think it's gone too far, and characters have become too powerful and are making a mockery of the game and overall difficulty balance? Do we need more Torment levels already?

Update: As Guardzor points out in comments, is not showing the latest updated Leaderboards for the Americas Server, and there are several groups now at GR100 and GR101. Of course the #1 party is all players from Korea China...

[caption id="attachment_386913" align="aligncenter" width="556"] US 4P non-season Leaderboard, 1/27/2016.[/caption]
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My biggest problem with power creep is that T10 is too easy, and Blizzard knows it. That's why there are no guaranteed Keywarden drops. It's really annoying to search the Dhalgur Oasis five times in a row, only to get nothing.


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It's a conundrum! I can't help but remember what you said about stash space Flux - give people more Torment levels and all they want is more Torment levels! I think that... there's definitely a case for stripping out the current difficulty levels and then re-working them to line up against where "power" is at in the game right now but to do that I'd really be expecting an expansion. I'd also be very wary about what "works" for everyone, I know a lot of the streamers are well into the thousand+ Paragon land and I've got a friends list sitting around P500 (Softcore) but I'm not sure that will reflect against the entire player base. I'd be tempted to say GR1=T1, GR10=T2, GR20=T3 where GRs stay the same but Torment is rescaled but in 6 months time we'll be at T30.


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thats just crazy over 101.. how is that even possible ? how much hp does the boss even have that lvl lol...


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Yeah, T10 is easy now, b/c they crammed 100%+ damage modifiers to key skills that are enhanced by 1000% damage bonuses from 6 pc sets. Just bad math. Too damn much geometric scaling. Add in constant dynamic effects (Bane of the Stricken) and you're melting the damn servers. Also, now that Invoker's and Thorns work, Bane of the Trapped is more ubiquitous than even weapon emeralds. Imagine that.


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Basically how I feel about it. A little added choice is good, but getting it at the expense of further large-number pigeonholing worries me about where we're going from here. For that matter I'm completely unimpressed with the "non-set rings" set whose name eludes me, because it's an order of magnitude more work to make it work at all.


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100% agree. I hope this is the reason why we had no expansion: they are thinking about removing sets and big numbers... I did not care about not being able to speed farm TX but with this silly stash tab award, we are forced to play like you said. For power bug not fun. I am missing D3 vanilla when legendaries were bullshit. At least I could play builds that were fun. I am almost to a point where I prefer to have legendary power via Kanai cube and nothing else, pieces of gear being stat sticks with recipes to improve them.


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While it doesn't rule them out from being Korean, the writing in those top slots is actually Chinese. Korea has its own alphabet.

It's not out of the question for them to use Chinese characters if they want to - just like we could use Japanese or whatever - but long story short, that's Chinese not Korean.