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Planning a Hybrid Paladin...

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Niyougegema, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Niyougegema

    Niyougegema IncGamers Member

    Aug 9, 2003
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    Planning a Hybrid Paladin...

    Ok, so I'm gonna start a new Paladin, and I'm think along the lines of a hybrid. I've got a few level 85+ hybrid chars, (java/bowie, kicker/trapper, summoner/poison) so I've got the idea behind what makes a good build, and was just asking for some gear/skill recommendations, as I've only ever made one decent paladin...

    Here goes.

    Charge 20
    Concentration 20
    Blessed Hammer 20
    Vigor 20

    Rest in synergies, (Blessed aim, Might) maybe 1 in Zeal and Holy shield...

    Pretty much the idea is to have a big slow 2-hander war pike or maul on primary, then on switch my HotO and a shield (I don't have a HoZ, lol never found one).

    My gear needs will be some FCR and +mana for the hammers, and deadly strike for the charging. Lots of +skills would be decent too, as well as %DR. Resists should be fine with my caster setup on swtich, and I dont really care about resists on the charge side, it'll be fine.

    So gear ideas...

    Weapon 1: HotO
    Shield 1: Maybe a good pala shield (Alma Negra is my best) or my Um'ed Stormshield.
    Weapon 2: Dunno... um no clue really, I've got some good 2h'ers, but i think trial and error should work. Any suggestions?

    Armor: Upped Um'ed Vipermagi, or something else. Any more suggestions again? I've got Arkaine's and my next challenge is cubing a Ber (Go go LK) for CoH.
    Helm: Um'ed Shako... Andarials Visage. Dunno really what I'll need.
    Gloves: My options are Frostburns if i really need the mana, a 20%FCR glove (Trang's) if I need that, or maybe Soul Drainers for dual leach, or even Dracul's for the life tap awesomeness. IK?
    Belt: Trang's, or IK, or any of those decent melee belts (I've got all unique belts except Arachnids...)
    Boots: IK? somethign with 40%FRW, or Gore riders... Yeh probably that.
    Rings: BK and Raven? I've got all the rings except SoJ, so I'll take any suggestions.
    Amulet: Either my +29 Mara's or Highlords... I'm liking the Deadly strike on that so I might go with it.

    I'll have a CTA in the cube in my stash, (even though I hate switching it out) so that'll help with the mana... maybe I should get some more +mana items instead of Frostburns. Or +mana charms.

    Any ideas or build suggestions will be most accepted, escpecially if anybodys tried this build before. I'm playing 1.11 vanilla, so no crazy uber cheap runewords for me!

    And does anybody know what this build is called? I tried to find a guide, and one dude is calling it a SMB, as in mario... Thor works for me!

    I'm gonna start him this weekend. Thanks for reading.
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  2. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    Re: Planning a Hybrid Paladin...

    What you are building is a Liberator. Have a search for it, it will throw up some build guides. It is mainly seen as a PvP build, but I had geat fun with mine PvM. Build him so you can duel with him later, if you decide to join us on the moor.

    Also have a read of de_Carabas my recent Patriach.

    A big damage 2-handed is great for the charge switch. A twice upped Steeldriver could be a great choice here as you don't have access to some of the better RWM options (Obedience, Insight). If you have one a Tomb Reaver, even with 1os is nice.

    I have found the links for you, because I am such a nice person :azn:

    Charging and Liberators
    Everything You Need to Know About Charging in PvM by SSog
    Liberator Guide Version 2 by mythos
    Mini Liberator Guide: V2.0 Installment 1 by LovelyGods
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2008
  3. muzzz

    muzzz IncGamers Member

    Apr 10, 2006
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    Re: Planning a Hybrid Paladin...

    Thanks for the linkies Max. Been toying with the idea myself (gotta do *something* with that HoZ), and this will certainly help :thumbsup:

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