PK Tornado/Caster Druid Screenshots


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PK Tornado/Caster Druid Screenshots

could some of you duelers out there list some screenshots of gear/stats, looking to make one soon as want to know what type of set-up I should go for.. and would be nice to see some screenshots as well :D


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Hm, well that's the standard build for a caster so it's at least a place to start. I'm just getting tired of people coming in here asking for guides when they didn't read the first ones.


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just a cuple of advices i recived myself from others:

if you have some wealth :
switch sako for a rare pelt(2 druid, 3 tornado, life, FHR, ....)
switch trecks for shadowdancers
switch gloves for bloodfist
use crafted amulet with 1-2 druid skills, 19 or 20 FCR, other mods
socket storm shield with ber

this way you get much more FHR and reach the 99 FCR breackpoint.

The downside: The amulet, IF you can find it will cost a fortune.
The alternative: rare circlet/coronet/diadem/tiara with 2 skills, 20 FCR, other mods