Pittsburgh Zoo


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Pittsburgh Zoo

Has anyone been there? It is supposed to be a nice weekend and I have a zoo pass that allows me to enter most zoos in the US for free or for a nominal fee, so I would like to know if this is a good zoo to go to. Pittsburgh is less than 2 hours from me and to be honest, I am getting tired of Cleveland and Columbus.


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I go to the Pittsburgh Zoo twice a year, except last year, when I didn't go at all. I don't think it's anything special, but the only other zoo I've ever been to is Atlanta...and well, Atlanta's zoo freaking rocks. At least I think it's Atlanta. Anyway, I think we have a really cool monkey house and our aquarium is amazing. It is a good choice for a weekend trip, go to the zoo one day and Kennywood the next. You and your kids will love it. If you choose to do this, come with another family, that way you can enjoy the zoo an amusement park with a friend while the significant other watches the kids for maybe an hour. I used to burden my parents like that, and I know they could have had more fun with an hour to themselves, that's why I suggest it.

Also, the nearest signs of intelligence from Cleveland come from Pittsburgh, so that's just another reason to come visit. In all seriousness, if you come for a weekend to the zoo and Kennywood, you're bound to enjoy it. I highly recommend giving us a visit. If you choose to come, let me know and I can give you some places of interest to eat or explore if you want some real Pittsburgh culture/history.


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Cincy has a nice zoo, but I guess it's kinda far away. I recall hearing decent things about the Pittsburgh zoo though.


I envy quality zoos. There is a zoo here. Big deal. The monkeys don't fling poo, the tigers only eat people that willingly go into the cage, etc.


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Animals are like people except they're less stupid

I am fortunate to live near three quality zoos (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Erie) and the one I live nearest (Erie) is within walking distance. It's a small zoo but it is a very nice one (it is one of the best breeding zoos...no, they don't let you watch!...that many of the other zoos use if they need new animals and are having troubles getting their current animals to breed).