pit vs baal


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pit vs baal

Hey everybody,
I know that the pit is the new hot spot for mf but like lots of people, i have a hammerdin that can survive and kill quickly just about anywhere in the game. I was wondering if baal runs where better than pit runs for mf? I have no idea. I just thought people do pit runs because they are easy compared to what can drop there. Thanks for your help!


To make it simple, Baal has higher odds to drop certain high end items. On the other hand, anything in the game can drop in the pit. Not to say that any one item over another will drop in the pit, anyhow.


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True, Baal usually drops higher items at a high chance of being unique/set/wutever, but I prefer pit runs because its soo much easier and still gives good exp... i too have found items that werent the best but useful, like my 4 sock vortex shield, def aura GC, few high lvl set pieces, and alot of exp, and it is faster to clear. Time is money :thumbsup:
It's all a matter of preference. If you have a mfer strong enough for Baal runs, go for it. Mf where you enjoy playing the most. :D I have started doing pit runs like everyone else, and I dont find JACK! :D Well. I think I did find a carrion wind...

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also all WSK levels and the pit have the same mlvl monsters i.e. same tc leading to dropping at teh same chances whichever u choose..i would go baal if u can since the end prize(baal) is much better than the chest at the end of the pits lol


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The pits are a much faster run. To really go after the great drops, you're looking at running the pits about 50 times to put the odds in your favor.


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Some people don't like to do Baal because of:

-The higher difficulty. Not many players can successfully solo these runs. Pit runs are much easier.

-The immunities. Baal runs have more monsters immune to the different elements whereas the Pits are mainly all immune to fire and cold.


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Personally i think baal runs are much better, the chance of drops is much higher and exp greater. Sure the godly items cant drop but i dont fancy my chances in the pit of getting a gf or zod.....i'd much rather trade 4 them from items baal or meph has dropped me


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99.9999.....% of the time i play solo, and last night i did my 1st pit run and i dunno if i was lucky or something, but here's some of the stuff i found:
1) Nothing
2) Rockfleece, Raven Frost, Tir
3) Gheeds Fortune charm +102% gold/+40%MF (or something like that), Fal, Tal
4) Nothing
5) Steelclash Ethereal, Laying of Hands
6) Sanders Superstition Wand <- oh hell yeah
7) Nothing
8) Nothing
9) Nothing
10) Corpsemourn <- oh hell yeah ( I'll just consider this Godly, for now)
11) Rakescar, Shael
i forgot if Rakescar was a set of Unique, but oh well :D


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well I haven't done any pit runs yet but I think I'll be staying with Baal. I can run them in no time (I just use vigor and run down the 2 levels and straight to the throne room, switch to mf gear and kill the minions and baal. Takes about 7-8 mins.) After only doing them for about a week or so off and on, here's a sample of what i've found: 2X's mav's bow, 2x's mav's armor, trang's helm and belt, IK armor, shako, 2x's heaven's set helm, unique ward, 2x's facets, and a bunch of mid level runes up to um plus great charms and jewels. I'd say that's pretty good :clap: (and I almost never die so I've gotten a ton of experience as well.) I may try the pit just to see how it goes but I can't imagine it being better than Baal at this point.