Pit Runs not good


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I was just wondering what the best kind of character to run to pit would be? i was thinking a hammerdin.... mine is about 25 right now but i should have him up to about 45 tonight....


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I have done around 100 pit runs and only found one ethereal shadow killer thingie and nothing else. I don't think its a good place to mf, I feel one finds more and better stuff killing andy, meph, eldritch and pindle...


i have the best luck and can do a run in about 2 mins with my meteorb sorc with 326% mf (seen to the right, my avatar). hammerdins mf good ANYWHERE they can take the hits, so continue using yours, and refer to the DII Community Forum, where stickied at the top is an AWESOME pit guide, including character builds that run them well (and hammerdins are included there as well, with equipment suggestions).


with 596%mf pit run's don't produce enough uniques to keep my attention up. meph runs are my preference, with him dropping two meshes simultaneously :)


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phillup said:
with 596%mf pit run's don't produce enough uniques to keep my attention up. meph runs are my preference, with him dropping two meshes simultaneously :)
Have fun finding the same stuff over and over again :) I got sick of Meph long ago and I have just about everything he can drop. What draws me to the Pit is those items that no one finds very often.

Plus Meph is just boring to me. When I run the Pit I actually feel like I am playing the game, not mining items.
u have to be patient, pit runs are always good for finding etheareal cbs and etheareal berserker axes, and its good exp n e ways, try doing it in 5-8 player games, they drop much more


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Please realize that Pit runs are a lot like those pindle, E/S runs I used to do with my Javazon. They don't drop consistently cause their chance of dropping something good is very low. So you will have a keep doing those bosses, and you will find good items, you can't expect even meph to drop a keeper every 20 games, but meph will in about 100 games. While the pit and those bosses might not drop anything good for days at a time.
Don't get discouraged. I did, so now I keep have to make new mules for the keepers, but never find any really godly stuff.


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For cold only sorc, highly recommand Ancient Tunnels :) NO COLD IMMUE.. well, very rare, a unique can have cold immue.. then, you just skip it. If you are at Act2, get the lost city WP. Much more unique,champion packs than Mausoleum.

Today, on my way to ancient tunnels.. hehe, Uber Big D pop out.. Thanks for very kind ppl here to help out. First time I get a Annih Charm :)



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chump2 said:
Ok, I have done a lot of Meph runs, and now I decided to try for better stuff by doing Pit runs. I did about five of them with about 350% mf and didn't find diddly squat. Am I missing something? Basically, I'm going in and clearing out the whole place, both levels. Is that the strategy or should I just do lvl 2? If both levels, then why am I not finding anything? I guess it could just be bad luck since it's only five runs. So far a unique francisca and a unique war spear don't impress me.

I just completed 282 Hell Pit runs (over 2 days) with my 330% mf Dexazon, and my (keepers) take was:

2x Laquered Plate (Tals)
1x Sacred (Set) (IK)
1x Steel Carapace
1x Eth G-Bane
2x SS
1x Balrog Spear
1x 6 soc eth Sup (14% Ed) Bezerker Axe
2x 6 soc eth War Pike
1x Aldurs Weapon (3 soc)
1x Aldurs armor
3x Aldurs Helm (2 soc)
2x Sandstorms (1 eth)
1x marrowalk
3x Arachnid
1x Nats armor (2 Soc)
1x hellrack
1x Bloodravens Charge Mat Bow
1x Stormlash 299%
2x Manald Heal
1x Highlords
1x Ravenfrost 220/19
2x Pally Combat Charms (1x with +18 Life)
1x Zon Passive +25 Life
1x hel Rune
2x Fal runes
1x ist (in tamoe Highlands)
2x +20 life scs (1x 9mana)
1x +5 Resist all/4mf
1x 15 Resist all GC

I also did Eldritch/Shenk/Pindle at the same time and the only remarkable items were:

1x Alma Negra
1x Gimmershred
1x Tals helm
1x Undead Crown
1x Ariocs needle
1x 220Spdc
1x 14% Resist all GC
1x eth no soc Bezerker axe

So my unscientific analysis tells me to stay in the pit=)


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I think lists such as the one above are one of the reasons why folks assume that the pit will drop tons of great uniques everytime. They see these lists and think "wow, I should be doing that". What they are failing to realize is that the list is the result of 282(!!!) runs. I can't really imagine someone doing a thorough pit run in less that 5 minutes. 282 * 5/60 hours = 23.5 hours. That's a lot of game time. I use a well equipped hammerdin and my runs are problably closer to 10 minutes.


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tomatoman said:
to the guy who said mf seems to affect pit more than meph, mf doesnt affect act bosses i thought?
Wrong, this is evil Blizzard pre-patch propaganda. MF works just fine.

Sessily said:
Are "The pIts" good for MFing in 1.09? if not, what is generally the best place? thx!
No, it's a result of the 1.10 changes. The places to go in 1.09 are...

* Meph (for TC78 and below)
* Shenk and Eldritch (for almost everything)
* Pindle and Thresh Socket (can drop everything).

Pindle is far and away the best in 1.09 - he can drop every item (not true in 1.10), he's quick to run (30 seconds max), and is relatively harmless (again, not true in 1.10).


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tomatoman said:
to the guy who said mf seems to affect pit more than meph, mf doesnt affect act bosses i thought?
MF does affect Boss drops. What I meant when I said that is the drops in The Pit are VERY noticably better with higher MF, whereas with Meph you can throw on 200% MF and grab some decent items. The Pit needs 350% or more (emphasis on more).

Snarlin Stef

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what is a PIT run... im not a sorc fan and i only use my MF sroc (700 + MF) to do pindle runs... 1000s of pindle runs...

this pit sounds like a goood change of gears... what is it?

noob stef

Snarlin Stef

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Ferrous said:
Check the community forum for the guide to the pits....
thnx a lot! yah i might have 200 posts but i like to amke characters not spend all day MFing.. i dont know much about it... all i ever did was Pindle all day with a ton of MF... and after 1000 runs i get a few UBER drops... so boring...

thnx for letting me know aboutthe pits


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MFing not boring, its like fishing. You just do the same old **** and hope for the best but the fun comes from not knowing what you are gonna get.


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I've done tons of pit runs with nothing to show for them. I started going elsewhere just to get some results and compare them to everyone elses. Now I do Andy runs (3-4 mins each cause my sorc is slow) and typically come up with a few good keepers each set of runs. After Andy running for about 5 hours total, some of my best keepers are:

Trangs Armor + Gloves
2x Highlords Wrath
1x Seraphs Hymn (+2/+2)
2x Gheeds Charm (26, 32)
1x Skullders Ire
1x Harlequin Crest
3 socket superior Dusk Shroud (traded for a 5/3 lightning facet and a Ko)

Not bad eh? I left out lesser stuff like Strings, decent small charms, 1 mod skill charms, etc