Pit monsters


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Pit monsters

Most of us know that the Pit could drop practically any item, however, I looked it up on d2data and their TC is 66 at most, so how could they drop any item?


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the highest unique items like Tyraels might, grandfather, deaths fathom, gryphons eye can be droped only bosses and champions...

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D2data.net's monster stats were calculated using the wrong Mlvls. Use ATMA for drop calcs. AFAIK there is no website that has the stats right for all monsters.


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D2data is wrong. Any monster from the pits can drop from any TC and the level of champions and bosses is high enough for the top qlvl uniques to drop, which are Tyrael's Might, Arachnid Mesh and Azurewrath.

Note that there is a difference between all those "levels" and the TC.