Pindleskin difficulty

Pindleskin difficulty

My sorc has really low life (~750) , but 50% ES reduction, 45% damage reduction, and nearly 3k defense. Should I go for pindleskin or not? Also, is he cold immune?


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I'm assuming you mean in Hell?

Well, if you feel you can do it safely, then by all means go ahead. Just be aware that Pindle's cronies can bounce you around like a pinball for 100 points of damage each. Even with the DR and Eshield, I wouldn't feel safe with only 750 life.

Does your sorceress have max block and do you have a mercenary?
I couldn't get max block. If I had max block, I would have like 100 life. I already used like twelve jillion points for ss and wizardspike. And... no mercenary as of yet, I just got back on my feet after a death so I have nothing for one to use. Also, I never have luck with mercs... they always die.


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You need a SOLID merc to do pindle safely.

First off, work on meph more to find stuff to outfit your merc.
You need DR / FHR items.
Some suggestions : shafts, 25% lev, rock stopper, gaze.
Shael'ed Tomb Reaver will be the best weapon to take out undead monsters.

You also need to level him till 85 otherwise those defiled warrior chargers will hit him most of the time.

Of course if you can afford, CtA will help out a lot.


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Well if you dont feel comfortable doing it I wouldnt. With only 7xx..a small mistake could leave you with a black robe.


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I had a few close ones the first times I did pindle in 1.10. I was kinda caught by surprise with all the damage those bastards do now.

Anyway, I run him with my pure fire sorc. 904/954 mana life and 10% DR from harle. Max block and res using a rhyme heater. As people already said, if you don't feel safe, stay away. And yeah, your merc has to be quite strong. Mine's wearing a 3 P-ruby griswold's armor, a rockstopper and an dual-amned ethereal bonehew (thank you meph!)

I would say that with a sturdy merc, you shouldn't have any problem doing it with a cold sorc. Two fast teles in there and blast away while your merc tanks. Should you run into a cold immune pindle, just take the minions down and let your merc whack him dead. I rarely get hit, unless my merc screws up and stays back. This will all be very fast and let you get out of there before the guys outside wake up and/or get close.

A small hint: When you enter the red portal run NE a bit till you're directly behind the pillar there. Then move your mouse to your top right corner of the screen and tele twice and you'll be in the perfect spot just inside the temple with free view to pindle and the guys.

I'd say 750 life is lower than I'd want, especially with low blocking, but give it a go and be careful. Keep your juvs ready and if you feel unsafe, you might wanna think about rebuilding.


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Spending the points for the SS and not getting max block is a mistake! A Much safer build would of been Whitstans and max block!

My Blizz Sorc smokes pindle in no time. Tele in glacial a couple of times, they all chill out like pretty blue statues except Pindle and one to two blizz they all die. Dont dally around get out before the CI ones outside come from behind.
Well, I am working on getting small vita charms and will try to get some stuff for my merc. What I think I'll do is make my sorc with a hero editor on single player and try it out and see what happens. I definitely won't be trying it without a mercenary, though.


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With a FO sorc a mercenary is a must. With a Blizz/SPike sorc probably could get along without one. I run Meph/Pindle with my FO sorc and Pindle and his minions rarely hit me. The merc takes the punishment while I punish them.


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In my experience, their charge attack is unblockable. All my characters have max block and they have all been pinballed around, taking quite a bit of dmg on every hit. The only char I feel comfortable running Pindle with is my Barb (gogo Hork). His defense keeps him and his Merc from getting hit, although I might try my Javazon now that she's wearing some DR.

As for your Sorc, I'd aim for 900 life. It should be a lot safer with a Blizzard build since you can spam Glacial Spikes. Don't worry too much about blocking since you can't block their more damaging attack anyway. Pindle can surprise you though, so consider sticking to Meph / Andy.


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PhatTrumpet said:
Pindle can surprise you though, so consider sticking to Meph / Andy.
Pindle with a might aura, or God forbid, fanaticism, will rip through 900 hps in the blink of an eye. Let’s not even talk about amp on top of that.



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I didn't see were anyone answered your question on whether pindle is cold immune.
Normally pindle/minions are not cold immune unless he gets a wierd combo of mods. All of the zombies in the garden are cold immune.

I wouldn't run pindle with a cold sorc...personal opinion.

Cold sorcs are excellent for running Ancient tunnels/Meph/Andy.

Yeah, I like Ancient Tunnels but this sorc has low MF. I don't have a switch setup yet and frankly, it's a hassle to switch and was the cause of my 89 sorc's demise, which I've probably already said eight times. Mostly I just want to be able to finally find all of these uber 1337z0r items that everyone is always trading. But... let's say I MF Meph etc. for a week, get something like shaft/toll or hew or something/tals helm or maybe rockstopper or gaze and an 85 merc and have enough vita charms for ~900 life, you think Pindle is runnable? If I ever saw Might or Fanat, I would quit instantly.


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If you have gaze/rockstopper/shafts/lev on him at level 85, I can say it's runnable.

Be sure to have 20 telekesis 1 ES to prepare for the occasional server lag....


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you guys dont need a godly setup for pindle skin runs. All you need is a merc that can take him for a few seconds while u take him out. Go blizzard for your skill. Kills pindle in 1-2 hits. Pindle is cold immune like 1/20 times so it isnt really a big problem. For some cheap but effective gear I would use
tals belt/helm/orb
mosers with 2 pdiamonds (you dont need block for pindle since you should NEVER get hit)
MF armor or vipermagi
mana rings
frosties/chance guards


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Without truckloads of mf%, imo, pindle isn't worth running.

I run him with 530% on my trapsin, 144% on merc.
Again, imo, trapsin is safest to run pindle.
Some good items drop eventually, but not often.


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Pindle runs are all about speed, so I'd go with a sorc. A barb could be considered cause he has hork, but I still don't think it's worth it as you don't even get items every time you hork and it's so much slower over time. Unless you own Teh Leet Enigma, but I assume we're still talking ghetto gear here.

I timed my pindle runs in 1.09 to 35 secs a run over an hour and 1.10 hasn't made them slower for sure. Sorc all the way IMHO.
Well, I finally tried it out. The first few times I was scared, fluxing even if I wasn't losing life. I slowly got more confident and could do them alright, but then today something was amiss and I had a lot of trouble. Then I just started doing the same thing over and over again: Tele right past the first wall, glacial everything, FO, glacial again, FO, etc. until they are all dead. Sometimes they get near and sometimes I get hit, but they don't hurt me THAT much. A merc would really help, but they are possible.