Pindles mlvl dropped?

Pindles mlvl dropped?

in 1.10 has blizzard changed pindles mlvl and the items he drops, in order to get rid of pbots? if not whats he the highest item lvl he can drop?


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They changed the entire drop system quite a bit at the high end. Among those changes was a reduction in Pindle's mlvl (as well as several other Act 5 uniques).
Pindle can still drop all base items, because he drops from the highest TC, but his low mlvl means he can't drop unique versions of all of them.

In particular he can't drop Tyrael's Might, Azurewrath and Arachnid's Mesh.


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myolosolo said:
I know he can drop everything including the might armour and the mesh
with 0% mf

mesh Pindleskin 0.003057% 1:32712
might Pindleskin 0.0001872% 1:534194

take a look here
Read the lines on that web-page that says that changes were made with the 1.10 patch, and that it's not accurate anymore !!

Pindle is listed with mlvl = **. This is NOT CORRECT. His mlvl = 86 and hence, he can NOT drop those 3 mentioned items.