Picture help, Phoenix


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Picture help, Phoenix

I have an idea for a tatoo, but I need a picture to help me. I need a Phoenix, grand, majestic and fiery. A truely great bird, risen from the ashes of it's former self. A buddy icon would be nice too.

EDIT: I should specify. I'm looking for something like the FF7 summon but composed of all fire.


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ragnar_ii said:
Phoenix This ones pretty cool.

Just search google images, you will get some ideas.
Reminds me of a chicken.

...I'm just saying!

Personally I prefer the entirely-made-of-fire ones, with no visible traits other than flames. Those are just damned cool.

http://eternal-legend.com/ffvii/summons/shots/phoenix5.jpg There's your original.

http://www.localhangar.com/cgi-bin/clubs/pictures_pages.pl?POP=yes&CLUBNO=3&reason=show_page&PAGEID=214 That's a real picture. o.o

http://la-phoenix-rising.biz/images/fire_of_the_phoenix.jpg Not so fiery.

http://sites.unc.edu/images/humor/phoenix_off.jpg Bingo.


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most tattoo parlors will draw up something for you if you can give them a couple ideas. Why not go that route?