Pics from Spiral Cats' Blizzard visit


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Tasha and Doremi of Spiral Cats posted a bunch of pics from their recent visit to Blizzard's HQ:

The pics are prety cool and many of Blizzard's employees posed for pictures. Here is a select few:

At front desk:

Posing in fron of Orc statue

Checking out some concept art:

An audience with Tyrael:

Two thumbs up from a Blizzard employee:

With Brian Kindregan:

Former game director Jay Wilson:

Someone having a freak-out:

Jim Raynor and his big gun:

Saving the best till last, the Lord of Terror himself:
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Great pics, and funny how much more appropriate the guests look with the statues than with the Blizzard employees. I guess it's nice they don't waste brain power on clothing and focus it all on the game dev, but must everyone dress like Jules and Vincent on their way to breakfast?


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Are they being photo-bombed in that first pic?

At least Josh M has a decent shirt on. I guess working in shirts and ties is old hat now. Thank God.


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Is it just me or is that totally not Josh M. Also is "Travis Day" not Brian Kindregan?

Either way, cool costumes.