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Picking out a class for videos

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by Madknuckles, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Picking out a class for videos

    Hey y'all.

    My two friends and I are planning doing videos (Let's Plays) on Youtube and I would like some help picking out a class and a build. The videos are currently on hold, but when they resume, I'll be joining along. My friends are using a Druid (Werewolf) and a Necro (Skellys) for normal, but then switching to Barb and Sorc for Nightmare and Hell. I have no clue what the builds are for Barb and Sorc. I'll be picking a class and build to be used for all difficulties. For Nightmare and Hell, it would be nice if we could breeze right through it, although I doubt we will. However, it would be nice if we can. Basically, the "rules" are to use whatever items we find (no mules, no other chars) on camera and we only level up on camera.

    So, I have to pick either an Amazon, Paladin, or Assassin. What builds can be good without depending much on items and helpful to Barb and Sorc? Also, since we're making videos, which class is good to showcase? I'd appreciate the help.

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