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Picked Up Reaper of Souls for Xbox360...have general questions

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Pyrotechnician, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Pyrotechnician

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    Alright, pretty much as the title says, I finally picked up D3 and its expansion (ultimate evil edition or whatever) for the Xbox 360. Obviously I've been around the forums a time or two, but mostly stick to the D2 side of things so some of you may not have seen me around before. My only experience with D3 so far has been the beta/trial version for the computer which was forever ago. My computer's graphics card isn't exactly what I would call capable so it ran pretty terribly and heard pretty much heard generally bad things about the game so never got a new graphics card to run the game. I've kept a general track of the game since its release and heard lots of things have improved with the expansion and new patches being released so I bit the bullet and bought it, but for the console. My wife's complaint is usually that she can't play whatever I'm playing on the computer at the same time so I figured this killed two birds with one stone, she can play with me, and I don't have to buy a graphics card (yet). If I run through the console version enough and enjoy it though I may splurge and get the graphics card/computer version at some point, but maybe later.

    TL;DR version, bought the game, have starting questions.

    I want to do probably one char on my own, and one char with my wife co-op. I'd eventually like to make a HC character, but lets get through the game first right? Haha.

    Knowing my wife, she will want to play the most magic based attack class possible so the wizard. What would be the most ideal class to pair with this, and then if anyone has build suggestions + links to guides you like please feel free to post them, so I can take a read through them before we get too far. Obviously keeping in mind, just starting out so no gear or any good stuff like that.

    Second, obviously I like to play the game on my own at some point as well, so I'll probably start a separate character, anyone have opinions on the most "fun" class/build? I probably won't have enough time to do more than 2 or 3 characters so have to make them count.
  2. ron

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    Sep 28, 2004
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    Hi. Welcome back. Just so you know there is a specific section dedicated just for us console players.

    I play with a friends wizard using my witch doctor pet build. My pets can tank quite a bit of stuff although I very limited control of what they actually attack (think D2 summon necro). I do plenty of damage on my own and have great buffs for crowd control and increasing the party damage output.

    A side benefit is that they both use intelligence as a main stat. It makes it much easier to share gear that drops.

    As for guides, typically I would never recommend anyone ever go to the battlenet offical forums. However, if you just stick to the class specific forums they have very well written comprehensive guides for most of the popular builds. EDIT: Be aware that the official forums most recent guides will be updated for 2.1 which to my knowledge is only on PC right now. Shouldn't be much difference for witch doctors, but the wizard changed drastically.

    As far as solo play characters go, I enjoy the crusader. They have a pretty neat assortment of skills and at endgame you can get some pretty game changing class specific weapons. Mostly its just fun.

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