Pick my new character!


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Pick my new character!

So I've died fairly early in a few tournaments I've been in recently, and I don't feel like joining another one, so I'm going back to good ol' SP. Right now my only char is a javazon in NM leftover from the glass cannons tourney, so any other build is open (though if you say enchantress I will cry, I didnt make it out of act one in that tourney). Characters I've woefully underplayed include necros and druids (and I actually thought about building a golemancer), and my favorite chars are sins and pallys. So just post what build you want to see me attempt and I'll get on it right away. It's going to be untwinked and SC, I have a feeling some builds posted may be prone to dying :grin: and whichever is the first to get three votes I'll go ahead and start it up.

Thanks for your inputs!

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Since you're complaining about playing too few necros and druids, I guess it should be one of those. My vote goes to a daggermancer, with a bowler as backup.


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Some form of druid is definately winning, but that bow necro seems challenging. I'm assuming a bowler uses molten bolder as their attack? (If a bowler is a necro build and I'm this clueless... boy am I in trouble)
Right now:

Wind druid - 2
Summon druid - 2

Freezealot - 1
Dentist - 1
Daggermancer - 1
Elemental Druid - 1

One more vote for windy or summoner and I'll be making one of those. I think I had a dentist once and up until act three it was a lot of fun and cool, but once I couldnt kill anything I dumped it :tongue:


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IIRC, it's a bow-using summon druid. I'm not sure of much for other details though.
A hunter is a bow-wielding druid with points almost exclusively in the summoning tree.

A couple of hunter guides:

I have a lvl42 hunter in WSK2 and it has been a blast thus far. Got pwned by Diablo as a single fire nova was enough to kill all my summons, so I doubt if this is HC-viable. But other than that, the HoW/wolves or bear/merc combo is deadly.



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If I went the route of the hunter, what method do you use for killing PIs?
I was thinking of trying to use fireclaws as a backup skill for hell, something along these lines

20 dire wolf
20 grizzly
20 HoW
1 Raven
1 Poison creeper (more?)
1 Spirit wolf (more?)

20 Fire claw
1 Werewolf (or should I go wearbear?)


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If I went the route of the hunter, what method do you use for killing PIs?
WWS for your Hunter and Reaper's Toll on the Merc worked fine for me. The amp damage didn't trigger often enough for my taste, so I doubled up on the curses. I hardly ever noticed the overriding to be a problem.

My Hunter (heavily twinked) only died once to Nilathak's CE. He had no major problems anywhere. I didn't like the Grizzly because he was soooo slow and only used him for act bosses and occassionaly when my wolves very dying too fast.

All in all I really enjoyed playing him. :smiley:



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pure fire druid. definitely. pure fire.
this one is great. you start gaining power from the very beginning (you put as much as you can into FS, then rise fissure etc. no waiting till lvl 24 a-la windie to get your main battle skill) so this one can never be boring. blast your FI enemies with maxed boulder and 'cano! roast the rest with maxed fissure! nyaaaaa ^___^