Phoenix and straffe


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Phoenix and straffe

Hello all,

Has anyone tried this ? I know back in 1.0 firestorm creates such lag that it's annoying but I figured if I play single player, it'll be fun to see the fireworks popping all over ... sorta like frost nova with Ice. I know that when playing druids, there's a casting delay for fire storm... but what happens when you're straffing or using immolation arrows ? will the casting delay of fire storm make it so that you stop your chain of straffing or stop you from firing immolation arrows ?

Thanks for your inputs !


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I had the idea about a month ago to make a strafe/immolation bowazon - i traded for and made her gear but didn't have the time to actually start the character.

However, i did test the Phoenix bow a little. Mine is built in a +3 matriarchal bow, and i got a lucky 393ed roll. :D

From what i saw so far:

-Firestorm will cast all the time, especially with strafe. I found that it didn't lag me more than the firestorm from hellfire torch. While strafing with a phoenix bow and torch you will constantly have a "river of flame" in front of you - quite cool looking, even if not very effective.

-When a firestorm is casted, you cannot attack until the animation is can move however, and surprisingly firestorms will continue to spread from your feets toward the enemies you hitted.

-While continously strafing you will be bothered by the cool-down only if the firestorm animation is casted at the end of your strafe volley - you will continue strafing normally if the first arrows of strafe cast a firestorm.

-With individual arrow attacks like magic arrow the firestorm animation was much more disturbing - however since immolation arrow has a cool-down too i think that it wouldn't bother that much. Like i said i din't test it.

-The really great thing about Phoenix is, with that redemption aura and 14%ml, you will never, ever run out of mana except if hit by a mana-burn monster. You will have trouble not having a full bubble.

I may start my amazon soon if there's no reset coming next week - if i do so, i may write a small guide about it too, dunno. I don't remember seeing one, knowing that immolation isn't the best loved spell.


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Strafe is uninterruptible so all that casting delay won't affect it if the ctc firestorm is cast during mid strafe. However, it will affect you if it take places after strafe.

immo is hardly affected anyway, you are on a timer doh !

The bad part is, you can't spam explosive arrows, which deal the most damage.