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The idea for Whirlwinder-thrower:
Helm: Kira's Guardian Shael;
Weapons: Double Runeword Phoenix Berserker Axe;
Armor: Tyrael Might Shael;
Amulet: 3 Warcryes 100 hp;
Swap: Double Eth Lacerator;
Belt: Verdungo Hearty Cord;
Gloves: Dracul Grasp;
Boots: Hit Power (res, faster run'walk, faster hit recovery);
Ring: Carrion wind;
Ring2: rare (life, mana leech, res, attack rating);
In invent: Warcryes skillers of vita, Torch and fine of vita small charms.
Skills are:
20 - whirlwind; 20 - battle orders; 1 - leap; 20 - double throw; 20 - axe mastery; 20 - throwing mastery; 1 - taunt.