Pheyd's Pure Fury Guide


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Pheyd's Pure Fury Guide

Ok i cant hold on any longer

ok here goes :thumbsup:


Werewolf - 20 (first)
More ar the better, same with life and attack speed

Lycanthropy - 20 (second)
More life

Feral Rage - 1
also good for frw if you get it charged up

Rabies - 1
(this is not a rabies hybrid one point is all you need)

Fury - 20 (third)
This will be your main skill, makes sense that you max it
also gives attack rating and damage


Raven - 1
this is a good one pointer, it causes your opponent to go into the block animation (if they use a shield) allowing you a kind of free hit

Oak Sage - 20 (fourth)


Cyclone armor - 20 (last)
you may be thinking wtf is he on about, but trust me this will help against casters and off hand elemental damage

Total Skills: 104
you can start duelling as early as lv 80 but try and get your cyclone armor up for the caster duels.

Ok here is the interesting part, there are 2 main types the Fortitude Build, and the Enigma Build. I will list both setups and let you decide.

Fortitude Build

Fortitude (insert name of armor here)
main attraction to this armor is the life (max of 148 at lvl 99, then again who does that?), and the damage, a whopping 300%!!
seeing as you'll have abundant strength make it in practically what ever armor type you want (personally i like the kraken shell, it just looks so damn cool) anything from dusk shroud to kraken shell, whatever floats your boat.

Armor to keep in stash:
Trechery, chuck it on go through the way point to where ever you choose and just stand around and wait for it to activate (might want to take a red potion or 2 just in case)

Jalal's Mane Totemic Mask
Resists, faster hit recovery, skills, strength and attack rating couldnt ask for more....well maybe a bit of life :thumbsup:

Options to socket:
Perfect ruby, 38 life doesnt seem like much right? well amplify that by lycanthropy and werewolf (maybe Call to Arms if your rich) it ends up being ~200 or so end life. :shocked:

Shael Rune, good for hitting the last hit recovery break point

Um rune, resists use this if your lacking or going against casters

My personal preferance is against Cerberus Bite but if you really really like it feel free to use it.

life, fhr

cant recommend anything else really

Aldurs Advance Battle Boots
life run/walk, massive fire resist

Gore Rider War Boots
deadly strike, crushing blow, open wounds and run walk. Pretty good if you ask me

Verdungo's Hearty Cord Mithril Coil
Fhr, Vit, Damage reduction....nice

i can't really think of anything else....nope

Angelic set
+115 to life, Attack rating. Very nice

Angelic with raven
Raven gives cannot be frozen and ~200 attack rating so cant go wrong here

Highlords/dual Raven
+1 skills, ~400 attack rating, deadly strike, cant go wrong

Storm Shield
35% damage reduction, +30 to strength, Decent Block, Decent Resists. Cant be beat
Um rune, Resists. Nuff said

Eld Rune, More block = less dex = more life. (i chose eld rune personally)

Shael Rune, Faster Block rate helps against fast melee attackers

Ok here is the juicy part

one handed

Grief Phase Blade, cant be beat for damage, venom is also handy, but only has range of 2

Ethereal Breath Of the Dying Berserker Axe, good damage and rage 3

Rune Master Ettin Axe, 5 os with 5x40/15 jewels if you feel like being different

Rare cryptic/Rare upped dimensional blade, possible spawn with fools mod (attack rating based on character level and maximum damage also based on character level), 300% enhanced damage, 40% increased attack speed, ethereal with self repair (very nice) socketed with 2x 40% ed 15 Ias jewels
This is just plain amazing huge ar, huge damage

Two handed: (used against smiters and casters)
3 socket Ethereal Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe
2x 40/15 (or shael for the less fortunate) and zod (for indestructible)

The Best 2 handed wep possible:
its just amazing, range 5 (biggest there is) fastest attack, big damage and huge ar boost (for those pesky uber defense players ie barbarians/smiters)

Switch Weapons:
Call to arms with spirit monarch
cant beat battle orders

Weapons to keep in stash:
Demonlimb Tyrant club, if you need more attack rating, also gives fire damage

9 Shape shifting grand charms, preferrably with life on them
1 druid torch
1 annihilus (if you can afford one)

Stats for Fortitude Build:
Str:Enough for Storm shield :156
Dex: Enough for max bloxk
Vit: everything else
Nrg: put any points here and i will bite your hand off. (you have been warned....RAWROOF!!!)

Enigma Build:
Enigma Mage Plate/Breast Plate
good for having no/minimal extra strength
5% max life and 8% damage reduce is also good

All other gear is the same pretty much

Str: Base / minimal amount
Dex: max block
Nrg: :grrrr: seriously i will bite off your hand

Ok strategies:

try to lure him towards you and shift + fury he will most probably die
(use 2 handed wep for this one)
if they charge first shift+fury and hope they die (which is most of the time)
but if they life tap you they are pretty hard to beat
(use 2 handed wep)
try to stack your lightning resist as high as possible and hunt them down, remember to try to recast cyclone armor if possible
(one handed and shield)
Toe to toe and you will usually win, except if they lifetap they get vey hard with lifetap
(one handed with shield)

Stack resistances and hunt em just like a foher, remember to try to recast cyclone armor if possible
(2 hander)

melee sorc:
these are most interesting, but you should usually kill them
(one handed with shield)

Whirlwinders, shift+fury and usualy walk away from them , if they tele ww jsut shift+fury
(one handed with shield)
Berzerkers, these hurt, try not to get hit, but after they attack they are vulnerable with 0 defense so just keep furying them
(one handed with shield)

Bone mancers, try not to fight them, prison/spirit will own you bigtime, if they dont use prison, try spiraling in towards them and attack!
(2 hander)

Nova Mancers, just run them down and fury thier *** they usually die, but be careful of lower resist
(2 hander)

Skelliemancers, i'm not sure how to duel these guys so if anyone has any ideas feel free to throw em at me

Bowazon's, same as bone mancers
(one hander with shield)

Javazon's, stack resists like a foher and run them down, remember to try to recast cyclone armor if possible
(one hander with shield)

Whirlwind, treat same as barbarians, but thier range is shorter so you have a little more freedom

Trappers, stack resists like a foher and run them down, remember to try to recast cyclone armor if possible
(2 hander)

Ok so there it is, constructive critiscism is appreciated. Please dont spam rabies hybrids/other classes are better, because i simply dont care.

Have Fun



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I'll leave the criticism for more experienced wolf pvp players.

What I can comment: are't there any other cheaper gear alternatives? Shaft comes to mind and other things.

And where the heck is strategy vs wind druid?? And other ss??
Furthermore I wouldn't call strategies one sentence summing up entire class.

Also good luck recasting that cyclone armour during fast combat (like with fb sorc). I'm sometimes running short on time to recast it, having 163 fcr with windy.


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i start with a lil question...

why would you use a 1 handed weapon+shield versus a foher?:smiley:

i'll reply you with other questions after you answered this one :grin:


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i actually havent duelled any other druids so i have no idea what to do against them
and i said "if possible" on the cyclone armor, which usually isnt very often but sometimes i have the chance to do so
and the one sentance thing i was tired and couldnt be bothered going into depth and giving a 1000 word report on these duels
well i dont know why i said go the one hander, should be 2 because most foher's are straight foh or foh/smite variant so go 2 handed them :grin:

to acd:
with my fort and enigma setup you hit aroud 31K attack rating so 38 3/20/20's are a little pointless, and a grief zerker isnt as fast as a phase blade and speed is everthing for a wolf(that i know any way). A zerker has more range yes, but just isnt fast enough.


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You're missing a few things but all in all a good start. I have a few questions and pointers.


No mention of HoW? Why?

What about EBotD GPA in the 2-hander section?

Skill placement on a pure fury wolf is fairly standard and I like the cyclone armor idea, but versus high defense and highlife characters wouldn't HoW be a good investment? Your gear section seems a little... uhm... well it's missing something or alot of things, there are alot of gear options for this type of build and lots of gear switches that can be made to improve your odds versus different opponents. As someone has stated your Dueling strategies should be further expanded upon, summarizing a whole class in a single line is not a good idea, you should go more in depth into eahc build then what you've already written. About your choice to include the angelics ring/amulet combo is IMO not the best a werewolf could be using, Dual raven frosts and Highlord's Wrath gives you lower AR but a good damage boost combined with gore riders and since your werewolf will already have very high AR you aren't losing out on muhc by dropping the angelics. That's all I have for now. I'm also writting a guide for the same character but more "well-rounded".

Keep working at it.



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The other thing about the strategies is that i havent had much practise so not sure how to duel most people but i will try and update the strats asap. As for the gear thats basically what i use, and my personal preference, but i will try most options and explain them to the best of my ability. I mainly posted this to see what other people use/do/say about fury druids.
As for HoW, my build is a vita build, i just tested HoW and all it seems to add is a about 10k ar (using angelics) and 2k dmaage, but i lose 2000 life so i guess its up to you what you use but this is just a "guide" not a strict no variant rule.


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As inkanddagger has told me on a few occasions, 2000 Life is one fury in PvP. But if you aren't hitting high defense characters that 2000 Life is fairly useless. I plan on using both spirits, and as for the gear. I had a feeling that this was your setuprather then just what you think would be best, and posting a rough draft was a good idea to get comments on it. Good luck with the next version.



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Much thanks les and i am currently perfecting my druid on open before i commence on closed, so i will need a few more duels as practise if you want to help me i have accounts on both east and west so look me up



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Yeha I agree good start...liked reading it :grin:

small note ( didn't see it on other posts) you might want to make sure you highlight it is a build for PvP..that way people can see ahead of time that its oriented for that - PvM builds are different enough to justify the clarification


Sint Nikolaas

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Cyclone armor can be used in a better way then just maxing. Try using a skill planner to find the best possible combination of solid points and points in synergies (IIRC it's something like 16/4 or so).


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Also I'd like to see some numbers, what is the damage output expected, how much can your cyclone absorb (is it one foh perhaps) and so on.


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Ya like Les stated your missing ebotd gpa, and p rubyed shaftstop.

Also your build tends to look like a artic wolf. These are better vs trappers. Also if you throw in a duress your talking a good combo duress and treachery fade prebuff = great ideal to use ver ubers.

Now lets talk about charms when your doing pure fury its wiser to use 9 high end ar/lifer gc, 10 fine sc of vita, anni, and druid hellfire.

Gloves we all know dracs are good add those too plz.

I mean ya your ideal about bloodfists is right. But still dracs is good and its not all that bm. The life tap only really helps when dueling people you should have beaten any ways.

Also verds belt isnt as good as it looks. A rare belt with 24% fhr, plus to str/dex, and plus to life is alot better. Just use your fade prebuff.


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I liked reading your guide, and I too test on open and have written a guide from doing so, which I learned isnt a great idea. Althought my build was brand new, whereas you are redoing a done build. Not that thats a bad thing nessessarily, but if it was me, I'd make sure I had something different to add, seeing as there are the druid gods who write guides, and who are here to critique yours. Not that im an expert, and im sure your probably a better wolf player then I, but I think you should look into unique gear alternitives and strategies, making your guide unique from one stoute or puma would write. Good Luck though man, It's a very simple guide to read, great for newcommers!!


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There actually aren't any pure fury guides, I was hoping someone would write a very in-depth one considreing the large number of fury wolves in this forum. Most of the guides are Fury/Rabies or FC or PvM.

LesClaypool said:
There actually aren't any pure fury guides, I was hoping someone would write a very in-depth one considreing the large number of fury wolves in this forum. Most of the guides are Fury/Rabies or FC or PvM.


who wants to co-write one with me? it needs to include all technical aspects including animation glitches, ar/dmg vs life, common bugs, common misconceptions,shift fury technique, melee grid/angle technique, range vs damage...and of course, I feel bad for somewhat hijacking your thread pheyd, but I would like to make a compilation to contribute. I haven't ever written a fury guide.


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Ink i'd be happy to help write a fully deck out fury guide with ya :thumbsup:
although this was just an experiment to see wh teveryone else had to add to make my druid just the bit better
Pheyd said:
Ink i'd be happy to help write a fully deck out fury guide with ya :thumbsup:
although this was just an experiment to see wh teveryone else had to add to make my druid just the bit better

i'm pretty happy that you mentioned things like cyclone armor and strength builds. i'm a bit lazy on formatting, so I need a bit of a kick start.