Phase Blade


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Phase Blade

Phase Blade is allways idestructible. Can it be eteral? I think it will be nice weapon grief for zerker.


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I'ts not indestructable it has no durability. It's never etheral but can be spawnd with the self-repair mod.:rolleyes:
It is a very nice weapon, even without the chance to be indestructable. Don't pay attention to what the damage is listed in the character screen, it's wrong.


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You can still have ethereal phase blades, but those have to be either rare or unique ones that have been upgraded from either dimensional blades or crystal swords with the cube recipie.

You can never make a runeword in an ethereal phase blade, since there is no chance of finding a grey/white phaseblade that is ethereal.

edit: I was first! :azn:


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There are no normal ethereal phase blades. The only way one can ever exist is if somebody upgrades an ethereal rare or unique Crystal sword or Dimensional Blade.