Phase Blade mod inquiry. . .

Mitch Turnbuckle

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Phase Blade mod inquiry. . .

Here's a good one . . .

Is it possible to for an increased attack speed mod to spawn on a socketed Phase Blade? If so what is the maximum % of WIAS that can spawn?


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Only ed/dura can spawn on grey items. Unsure of the +1-3 ar thingy. Maybe its only bows or something. But no ias.

edit: You were talking magic didnt you?


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Rare weapons can get up to 40% IAS. I'm not aware of any special limit on phase blades or in combination with sockets.

Eilo Rytyj

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You can get a magic Artisan's Phase Blade of Quickness with 4(?) sockets and 40% IAS. But it will be exactly the same as a plain 6 socket PB with 2 Shaels (still 4 clean sockets and 40% IAS), and you can't make runewords in it either.

Rares can have up to 40% IAS with 2 open sockets, as well as other juicy mods (Fools, Cruel etc). A maximum of 80% IAS (with 2 Shaels) is available on one of these. An ethereal rare Dimensional Blade upgraded will be better still.

Oh, and the plain PB can be superior with up to 15% ed and 3 AR as well, so in that case it'll be better than the Artisans of Quickness. You can probably tell that the maximum IAS on a PB (or any weapon for that matter) is 120%, whether APBoQ or plain.


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The Non magical will allways be better, as artisans mod only grants 3 sockets :grin:

Jewlers gives 4 sockets, but cant spawn on weapons


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Jewelers indeed can spawn on weapons. Many fireclaw druids are build with a jeweler's phase blade of quickness for the 'style' factor.


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nope, jewellers is max at 4

if you find a jewellers phase of (evis?) +66 max damage, that may be benefitial to you. Easier to put in 2x shaels for 40ias then it is to put it in 33max damage jewels (cuz they don't exist..right?)