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I think you'd find help better in some more mod oriented forums such as the Phrozen Keep or other places like that. Can't give you the link straight up, but I'm sure it'll be easy to look up. Especially if your problem is about how to get it working as that's something we can't post here even if we'd know how to do so (personally nope, haven't tried that particular mod or any others for that matter in 1.10)


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I played it into Act II and had a great time doing so about 6 months
ago. My dad played it quite a bit further (until he got stuck). What
kind of help do you need?


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Well if it's basic gameplay help I'm sure it's ok Borlag. I've played ES myself quite a few times. Quite the fun mod. (Played it back in my days, no worries on my current items coming from there. :uhhuh: )

So... the type of help needed would be some vital info.


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The recipies didn't work...I mean these with the perfect gems Where is problem - may be cause I my sorc doesn't have lvl 40 and the perfect gems require lvl 40? Why the spirit crowns and the robes are so expensive and they have so low qualities? What makes them with so high value?
Is there other secret levels exept the cow level????
which is the max level that I can reach? :flip:

I will use any information that you can give me
Thanks in advance

One more thing there any recipies with runes (exept the runewords)


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There are a lot of new things. New runes, new set item, diffrent colours, diffrent awards of the quest..... when you save Cain from Tristram the award is the horadric monsters, and they are much more and much strong, when you kill monsters some of them can drop you one full set, diffrent skills etc. There is a Dragon stone (7 type of DS) wich are very usefull for the recipies in the Horadric, blemished gem (between flawless and perfect), ancient scrolls, ancient decipherers ane much more.......but since I play Eastern sun for few days there are much things that I don't know