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Do you have any pets?, or you hate pets or are you just allergic?

Myself i have a horse, my family has had horses for many years and we have over 30 icelandic horses, every summer we go for a journey with almost all of them across iceland, its really really fun :cool:

My one is the most beutyfull of them all, tall, not fat and black, i got him for my confirmation this summer from my parents, siblings and grandparents, his name is kolbeinn and is 8 years old, i simply love him<3<3,

for some reason i cant upload any pictures of him and me, if someone wants to see pictures add me to msn and ill send them,

and now over to the point of this thread

Do you have any pets?, what kind?dog or cat etc, and why not if you dont?


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"Officially", I have 6 cats, 4 horses, 300 gallons worth of tropical fish, and an iguana. Working on adding a ferret or two.

I also do foster care for stray and abused animals for the Humane Society so there are always a few extra beasts roaming the property - usually cats and dogs, but occasionally more exotic stuff - birds, snakes, lizards and the like.


CyberHawk said:
I always like Bulldogs...I considered one before my Boxer. But they wanted a fortune from the nearest 1500$. No dog is worth that to me.

My Attila .
$2,300 dollars, with air shipping. :thumbsup:


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i could comment on gerbils and hamsters but i'll think better of it (for once) an just move on.

at home i have a wire fox terrier amoung the other 9 that are there.


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We just got 2 kittens back in November after our cat died. They're pretty crazy, and one of them is double-toed on all 4 paws so his feet are huge. :lol:

They're both tigers; from the same litter in fact. And the one with normal sized feet has a habit of jumping into my lap whenever I'm using my PC.


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Bortaz said:
$2,300 dollars, with air shipping. :thumbsup:
I'm not sure if you know the Bulldog history but..its quite interesting.

I read somewhere where as a baby, a Bulldog would get beat in the face to basically "break" the dogs face to give that look. But that look had a function. Of course bullfighting was what it did best. These nowadays are very freindly and good family pets. But this was not the case a long time ago. There where a fierce breed.
The reason why their face has so many wrinkels..thats not just for cutsie stuff..they are also know as "blood grooves". See when the Bulldog used to clamp on to the bulls neck, which was the klling tatic, it would hang there until the bull bleed to death. But in early cases the Bulldog would drop off the neck, losing the fight, only to find out that he suffecated(sp?). So they began work on the blood grooves. Freakin awesome isn't it.

I tell ya, read up on that dog of yours..its a great history they possess. One of my most favorites. And they deserve a peaceful life as they have. Tho I've heard...some are still raised like their ancestors..but you and me will never see them. DUN DUN DUN!

btw..did you ever post his name?


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My girlfriend is in love with pugs and wants one of them upon graduation, but I am more partial to the big dogs. My step sister used to have a Siberian Husky which is my favorite dog, but I also love German Shepherds. I hope to have one of these sorts in the near future.