Perfect Gem Activated


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Perfect Gem Activated

We've all pressed the little purple gem in the middle of the screen, only to have "Gem Activated, Gem Deactivated" spammed on your chat screen. I've been playing D2 since day 1, and must've clicked it a thousand times. Though a few days ago, I got a different message:

Perfect Gem Activated

I have no idea what it did, and I couldn't figure it out. I did take a screenshot though. Anyone else ever get this? Or know what it does?


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You're clicking that gem button way too often :D.
I don't think it has any purpose, or at least nobody ever proved it.

Heres the info from FAQ:

What is the function of the Gem in the Diablo II Chat room?
When it has been clicked once, it activates -- causing a blue glow to appear through the Gem. When it is clicked again, it deactivates and the glow disappears. Rarely a perfect gem activation will occur instead of the usual Gem activation.


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It increases the chances that keys will drop for your assassin characters by 1%.

Seriously though, I believe I read somewhere that Blizzard commented on it's function as doing "Exactly what it was meant to do".

...that's saying "nothing" in a mysterious, attention grabbing sort of way.


It sometimes says "pergect gem activated"

Rumors also say that it saysn "moooo" ...once in a rare while.


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FreezerBurn said:
my guess is one of the programmers was high and said, "wouldn't it be funny if..."
Well, I read somewhere (not too long ago I think) here an interesting theory:

Blizzard intented to use the button for some function but decided not to install that function afterwards. As a result, the button has no use, and they put something behind it for fun, it's just an easteregg imo
i saw that too. i think it's a coverup so no one sues them when their kid smokes pot and clicks on the gem all day while eating cheetos. :uhhuh: