Perfect Eth 5s RM vs Eth BOTD BA for PvP


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Perfect Eth 5s RM vs Eth BOTD BA for PvP

Hi Barb Fans,

I found a perfect Eth 5s Rune Master (270%). If I socket it with Zod + Ohm + 3x 40%ED/15%IAS (total –35%IAS for last breakpoint of WW), will it be better than an Eth BOTD Berserk Axe for PvP?

Any idea, guys? =)

Halciet, knowing u r Barb expert, do u have any comment on it? :)


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i am not halciet (i am better than him ;) j/k) but it would be good to know the dmg on that thing...


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Any constructive idea, view, advice, comment, opinion, thought, analysis, observation or recommendation is always welcome. =)

Thanks in advance =P


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+440% ed, for a weapon with 49.5 normal avg dmg.
49.5*1.5*(5.4)= 400.95 avg dmg, unfortunately it would be a range 2 weapon, with a max of 5 hits(instead of 6 for a BA)

BA= 47.5 avg dmg when normal, perf eth BoTD BA= 356.25 avg dmg

if both had 45% deadly strike (ch lvl 80 with Highlords+gore´s and 20 mastery, total of ´bout 57% chance of deadly strike)

RM: 400.95*1.57*5max hits= 3147.4575
BoTD: 356.25*1.57*6max hits= 3355.875

Also you must take into consideration the extra mods that each has (canot be frozen; 30 to all stats -25%target defense, etc)


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that extra hit (range 3) gives a BotD zerk the upper hand, as iceball pointed out.

Runemaster is a cool idea, but if you have access to a perf/near perf BotD BA, I'd go with that no contest. Remember, the +30 str is another 30% ed! As well as all the other insane mods.