perf gear for trapsin


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perf gear for trapsin

I would like to hear a few peoples thoughts on the perfect gear for a lightning trapsin so i can go and get it all. dont bother mentioning trap gcs because i cant afford to fill my inventory with them. Any other ideal charms would be nice though.


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hmmm little hard to suggest 'perfect gear' if even the +trap gcs are not affordable. Every thing else i could list for 'perfect' gear costs as much or alot more....

Lightning trapper is dependant on 2 things -- high +skills to increase damage and some method of breaking light immunes in hell. Both are expensive.

Are you playing multiplayer or solo?


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im playing multiplayer. also i failed to mention this is PvP and i will most likely be getting rushed the entire way. Now as far as i know decent skill GC's are some outrageous amount of hrs (correct me if i am wrong). Now i can afford a lot of things and may have most of them all ready. to give you an idea of what i can afford i have approx. 10-15 hrs.
hope this helps in your judgement


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hardly perfect, but here is what i am wearing:

shako um'd
+3 trap, + 3 lightning sentry claw socketed with 2 shaels
+2 trap, +2 lightning sentry, +1 blade shield, +1 shadowmaster claw

on switch call to arms and lidless wall (not enough strength for spirit shield)

9 light gcs, anni, torch, 9 life/mana/fhr small charms

merc has infinity, fortitude, eth vamp gaze....

some better gear to look for -- helm with 2 assy skills 20 fcr, str, 15+ all res
-- second stone of jordan -- boots probably should be eth treks -- life/fhr 2nd mods on gcs -- and second claw could also have +6 total to light sentry too

hope that helps


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ahh yes thanks. I just came in control of a claw similar to yours ( +2 traps, +3 to lightning sentry) i think those are the mods on it. just got a 29 maras for 8 hrs :).


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You spend 8 HRs on Maras, but don't equip trap skillers? Wow, the economy is completely screwed. You'd do better with a Metalgrid and 4 trap skillers.


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On west ladder you could have gotten a low mara, 9 skillers and still had change from those 8hrs


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4 sissycore get a godly trap skill weapon and a trap sheild that does 3 to all traps.........


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haha taker easy need to get your panties in a bunch.
ive got 2 claws with +3 to traps and +3 to lightning sentry.
-dual soj
-um'd 139def shako
-eth treks
-perf chancies cause i like my mf
And just so you dont crap your drawers i rounded up 5 skillers and a 15/16 torch.


Wait, I'm not supposed to PvP with skullders, chancies, war travs, gheed's, nagels, 40 mf ammy? No wonder people have been calling me a noob lately :)

Are you on East, West or Europe? Ladder or Nonladder? As far as I know you trap skillers are the cheapest skillers around. The assassin torches are cheap too. I can see people already listed the gear. Good luck on finding soj's in pvp :wink3:

Von Lazuli

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Murderya said:
As far as I know you trap skillers are the cheapest skillers around.
Every tried shopping for Curse, Druid Summoning or Barb Combat GCs?

Anyway, I too am a proponent of dual claws. Just I prefer 2sin claws over 3 trap claws, to boost your Mind Blast, Claw Block, Fade, etc.

Anyway, what was listed earlier was very good gear, but here is my opinions of the optimal.

2 sin/20 fcr/other mods circlet (2x Shael).
Arachnid's Mesh
Magefists (Because Fire blast is cool) otherwise Trangs for the resists.
2 x 2sin/3ls claws, Main hand has 40ias and 2x 15all res/ias jewels, off-hand has a mod of choice and 2x 15 all res/7 fhr jewels.
Eth Treks/ Fhr/resists boot (must have 20% fhr)
2 x SOJ
2 sin/fcr/ other mods Ammy (or Mara's and a FCR ring)

1x Trap/FHR gc
8x Trap/Life gcs
Res/Life scs

This gear nets huge +skills (+6 all, +11 sin, +9 Traps, +6ls), decent resists, 86% FHR, 65% FCR, speed in order to use fade, etc.
Ideally 9 points would go in weapon block for 60% block with BC.

Anyway, that is perfect and well outside your 15HR budget, but eh.



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The more expensive parts of the equipment laz and i are suggesting -is the helm and the gcs.

The 2 sin/20fcr helm with decent mods on it like high res, str, or dex can go for astronomical prices. Even a crap one will start at hr -- with decent mods can be 5-20 hr or more on east ladder

The gcs plain are um - with fhr 5 to ? hr each-- with 30+ life 4 to ? hr each. 40+ life will be 15 hr or more each!!

Claws hopefully you can shop or find decent enough -- good ones on the market for a pure trapper can be insanely priced.

total cost on 'perfect gear' could well be over 200 high runes if you trade for it all. You would be the luckiest guy on the planet to find it all yourself :)

The faster hit recovery was what i left out of my description of gear -- very important to even try to dual high res ww barbs. Maxing ls out to 14k can make fhr less needed since killing will be quick. But facing an absorbing opponent you will need the fhr to survive hits on yourself while your traps wear them down

--I have dueled with mf gear on before -- nothing better than nailing someone and having them want to see gear. Its like kiiling them twice LOL