People this stupid deserve to die?


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Matt said:
that would make me laugh, really, i would laugh for days if i saw some high level character pk a lower level (whatever level you need to be for rainbows) and die.
If i were really rich, i would make a character using JUNK except for a 6 socket wep and 4 socket shield on switch, filled with rainbow facets of course, then find some OBNOXIOUS high level guy, challenge him to a duel, let him kill me, then watch him die. That would make me very happy.
that would be a really great plan, with the only problem that it would take you longer to MF/trade for 10 facets than it would to actually just make a PKK-designed character. OF course, the humor value isn't nearly as high...


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Matt said:
As did i, same result, the character could stay alive somewhat well, but the damage returned was a joke. it was listed as 9xx% i think, which should have been 90ish% returned in theory, but for whatever reason, it was terrible.
As I posted in another, unrelated, thread, I believe that there is a sort of bug associated with Thorns. First, it takes 1/10 of the damage it -should- return, THEN it adds the 1/6 PvP penalty, resulting in a net return of 1/60 of an opponent's damage (and the numbers could be even more ridiculous, if the game somehow decides to take 1/6 of the 1/60 for the opponent's pvp penalty).

So... It's either some glitch, or Blizzard REALLY hates thorns. *shrugs*