PDR question


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You can also use "flat absorb" (think it's called this) to reduce the damage you take even further...Gladiator's Bane has some, and others probably too... but I can't remember any more right now. Sol rune socketed in armor/helm also gives damage reduced by 7.


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Oh, someone remembers my little guide. Feeling proud :) . I made a barbarian on almost the same concept recently. But I invested in vitality and became practically immortal. Sadly he was a conc. barb ---> boring as hell. Quite cool to be immortal though.


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farting bob said:
A DR, high vit conc barb? wow, that thing would be able to tank P8 hell ancients and not even care about potions.
not FE, i read somewhere they can do like 100k or something absurd