PC slowdown


PC slowdown

Today i was playing battlefield vietnam and its mod poe. I got bored of it and went to get my char a few more levels. I went for a baal run and to my supprise the game chunked when i fought baals minions of distruction and his lower minions!

What could cause such a slowdown for a 2d game?

I have AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1GB DDR RAM 120GB Seagate GeForce FX 5200.

Any help would be appreciated.


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*Go to the website of your video card manufacturer and make sure you have the latest drivers.

*Hit ctrl+alt+del and see what sort of programs might be hogging your system resources. There would have to be some major crap running in the background to be eating a whole gig of ram but it's possible. McAfee security center loves to hog my ram no matter how much I pile on.

*have you defragged your system lately? Also, switching from one game to another can sometimes cause a bit of video lag while your system reallocates resources - that definately sounds like a possibility in your case. Maybe restart your computer if you're going to switch games and can't stand to put up with a bit of staggering and stuttering (which, in the throne room, I agree is not fun to deal with).

Yes, D2 is not a resource hog - but Battlefield Vietnam may be (don't know, never played it) and pcs can be kind of stupid about freeing up resources sometimes.

*Oh, and there's always a chance you hit a simple (but nasty) little lag spike - unfortunately, I wasn't sitting at your computer when it happened, so I can't say for sure.

I'm sure others will have some further advice for you. Good luck! :)


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Omikron8 said:
D2 is an extreme RAM hog

Yeah, its not a prob with your system - its fine.

the problem is Diablo II was made 5 years ago and back then all this nice tech stuff didnt exist.

Therefore D2X doesnt know how to use your hardware optimally and uses it as if you just had some 1.0 ghz computer with a standard 3d video card.

Throne room especially is a very poor peice of code and that place lags everyone up usually - especially if there is a fire sorc using meteor, or blizzard, or a skelimancer with lots of minions.

Old game + new computer = same old slow game :p

the only thing D2 could use from your current system is the ram and even then I think it was pretty standard coding practice to just rely on using virtual ram (hard drive) as ram rather than real actual ram.