Paying for snatch?

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  • I love the official site.

    Votes: 8 9.5%
  • I like it, but they need to update a lot more often.

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  • I don't like the design, and it's never updated.

    Votes: 8 9.5%
  • I can't stand it. Flash-infested browser-crasher.

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  • No opinion.

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Sokar Rostau

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I don't see what you're getting at...
When you're dating a girl you buy her things - dinner, drinks, movies, flowers. All so you can get laid. Then when you decide she's a keeper you go out and buy a ring. Then, in a traditional "Western" setting, you go out and work to pay for the house and everything.

Put simply, you buy a woman for sex or you rent a woman to leave after sex.



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If it's only about the sex then assume that guys only do what we do as a means to play "The Game" to get laid. There's far more to it than


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If you're not with a hooker and think you're either buying or renting a woman for sex then I suggest you tell said woman this and negotiate a cheaper rate.
Some guys genuinely love the girl and want the best for her. Then again this is the internet so "D000DZ!!!1 1 T0T/-\77Y 5l3Pt \/\/1T A CH1C|< A/\/|) L3FT |-|3R @$$!"


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Re: Paying for snatch?

If they start updating the official site I'm afraid they will delay the game until 2013!