Patted my Necro... what is a septiverate?


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Patted my Necro... what is a septiverate?

As i am a Sorcy Necro it is fitting to Pat a Sorceress and now i have finally completed my necro, Baal collapsed last night. I have now started my Pally Zealot who i have tried many a time before but the builds have been patchy so he fella apart in Hell. The stickies should help me this time *crosses fingers*

As i have now pat / mat a sorc and a necro is a septiverate all 7 chars mat / pat? If so which one is the hardest to Mat / Pat in your opionion as i fancy going for it?

After the Zealot i might have a go at a javazon / Barb, its the 2 new characters i'm apprehensive about.


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You get a septavirate by patting/guardian'ing one character of each class.

As you can see, you already got two down.

For novice players, getting a septavirate will in itself be a journey and potentially a challenge.

The more experienced might, however, attempt a septavirate with certian rules set for it. Such as Nightfish's 7 Ribcracker Guardians for an example.


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Congrats on the 2nd pat! Could we get some details/screenies/LCS info? :smiley:

Septavirates (or spelling?) is getting 7 guardians, one for each character. I don't think Pats/Mats count as a septavirate, but only HC guardians. Softcore may have some other name, but I'm only aware of Sept's connection with guardians.

Rules for Sept's usually involve untwinked, however, some people (like me) are less strict. For me, I only play some twinked, while other characters remain untwinked. I choose whether a char should be twinked or untwinked, and then play by those rules, only breaking them if it becomes a nightmare.

Unfortunately, I've chosen a really difficult char to be untwinked until the end (wolfbarb twinked only with the werewolf helm, required level 79.)
I think I may actually have to break my rule, and twink him a decent weapon! The fight with normal baal was a nightmare, and I think my merc ended up doing at least 4 times more damage than me!

Anyway, congrats on your necro, and I hope to see some stats and items.

... Hahaha, I finally understand your name... I'm a little slow when it comes to subtlety in names. :grin:


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Am at work at the mo so cant pull together the details but will dig up some facts and pics for you all. To tease you i have a blizzballer with some mid range gear and a Fishy with virtually none of the stickied recommended gear - purely cos i couldnt find it :embarassed:

Blizzballer is now my mfer - as she appears to be for most - and have found some awesome gear for melee chars but i'm looking to complete Tals. 3 IK mauls and not one Tals ammy :banghead:

diablo loves donutz

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Yea a septiverate can vary from person to person when it comes to rules. My septiverate that I've recently started is going to be HC, untwinked (no atma muling, using stuff from other chars, all self found), and 1.11 Vanilla...but it will be fun allright lol.

Good luck though, hope you have fun with your builds


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Actually, does a septivirate need to be HC or can that vary as well? I'm currently playing a mix of HC and SC characters and that question occurred to me.


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I see no reason why it needs to be HC, just whatever satisfies you. It's about having fun after all.

@sorcynecro: congrats!

Edit: that's just my opinion.



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Diablo Loves Donutz said:
untwinked (no atma muling, using stuff from other chars, all self found),
This confused me. You say untwinked, meaning no atma muling, then you say "using stuff from other chars".
That to me is a contradiction, so should it be "No using stuff from other chars?"

If you're going untwinked (no muling, no using items from other char,) best of luck for you, but I think you'll change your mind half way through. HoZ's and Arreat's will be dropping like flies for the wrong character! :grin: And then those rare skiller charms. Oh, and does that mean you'd keep runes separate? :grin: Oh the possible nightmares. :smiley:

Yeah, Septavirates don't have to be HC IMO, but there's a Sept table with specific qualifying rules somewhere abouts. I think to qualify for that table it has to be untwinked HC.
It's been discussed before I'm sure though.

Diablo Loves Donuts said:
I like the challenge myself, hc untwinked vanilla lol, but that's just me.
Hahahaha. I thought the same thing with my barb. But he is an absolute nightmare to level up, and I can't find a decent weapon for him. He does almost no damage on Pl1 normal, and Baal normal takes [edited] A LONG TIME (not my original guess, but very long, much longer than my other characters took to kill him.)
My merc pretty much does all the killing, while I sit back shouting at everything. I'm actually considering turning him into a shouter. :)
Anyway, GL with going untwinked.

Enough of me spamming it up. Back to the topic. :)


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He does indeed mean, no twinking, and no muling between sept characters. He just worded his post a little midleading-ly

diablo loves donutz

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Yea I meant NO using stuff from other chars.

Gracias neumein btw

Lol, I hate when you notice a typo far after the edit option is available.

Yea it will be tough, but we'll just have to see how far I can make it.