Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon


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Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

Patriarch Manwe
lvl85 paladin

str 190
dext 95
vita 220
erg 15

20 Fanaticism, Sacrifice, Fist of Heavens, Holy Bolt
1 Zeal and all prerequisites
7 Blessed Hammer

The next points will go to BH to further synergize HB, but I also consider taking Vigor aura.

Resists (fighter/caster switch):
fire 30/50
cold 10/30
light 55/0
poison -20/0

Life 999/1009

Zeal 1173-3466, 4758 AR
FoH (lvl32) 1355-1405 lightning, 2568-2608 bolts
HB (lvl34) 6351-7192, heals 67-138 (no prayer)

Questing gear:
Vampire Gaze (Sol, 20%DR, 12MDR, 7%ML&LL)
Prismatic Amulet of Life Everlasting (20%res/22PDR)
Raven Frost/Dwarf Star (Nature's Peace against Nihlathak and revivers)
'Treachery' Wyrmhide
Laying of Hands
Arachnid Mesh
Gore Rider
for beating: Schaefer's Hammer (Eth)/ Gerke's Sanctuary (unsocketed)
for casting: Hand of the Blessed Light/ Herald of Zakarum (still empty socket)

3 Combat skillers, 1 Offensive skiller
2 +10max Sharp GCs (one with +28 life)
Fine SC of Venom (+3max/15AR/15 poison)
SCs with mana, life, FRW

act2 might
Rockstopper (empty socket - always wondering if I ever fill this one up)
Iron Pelt (unsocketed)
Reaper's Toll (Shael)

finds: nothing worth mentioning
HF: NM - ? Hell - Hel

Some time ago, I have finished a PDR cleric, and greatly enjoyed him decimating the undead and healing his allies in an MP game. Within the pat thread, I presented an idea to adopt the build for pure SP purpose, thus forging a very versatile runner. The idea is the following:

I takes only 44 points to create a core build for a Zealot (20 in Fanaticism with its three prerequisites, 20 in Sacrifice and 1 in Zeal). Since the character is supposed to have nice amount of +skills for his caster side, Zeal still gets the maximum number of hits. The damage increase via additional points into Zeal is negligible, and the AR can be made up for using the appropriate gear.

As for the progress, I started pumping Sacrifice to get the damage up, then switched to HB, and then to FoH. I placed 1pt into Fanaticism and proceeded with the cleric skills, so I could enjoy them in NM. At the same time, I put all the stat-points into Str heading for the end-game value to equip the Schaefer's. For a moment I was toying with an idea to go (almost) base vita, but eventually rejected it as foolhardy. I counted on questing with PDR gear, but for later purpose (running AT, Pindle, and more) I needed to ditch some for sake of MF stuff. Besides, I'm notoriously unable to maintain decent resists from NM onward. As a warning, I was burnt to ashes by normal Infector and then again beaten up by Baal. So, the next points went into vita until it reached 200.

I was excited zealing with Fetid Sprinkler throughout NM that I almost forgot about casting, at least until act4. I must admit I love clearing the Chaos Sanctuary using maxed FoH and HB. I shamelessly leveled on NM Baal until at last I was able to equip the Schaefer's (lvl79). By that time, Manwe was already dressed in all the gear stated above. I cleared the first two acts on Hell and eventually put an Eth in the weapon, since I was whiffing to much to my liking.

But the time I arrived to Kurast, I once again dug out one of Hrus's long forgotten characters. This time it was a real relic - the ancient fire-druid Archeon I vaguely remember MPing with about two years ago. He eventually got "parked", and now has been awakened (to rush me through the jungles :hide:). I must once again praise the PDR gear. While running through the Sewers, Archeon blasted an entire pack of Dolls right beneath Manwe's feet. Worse yet, I just turned back at that point heading the opposite way - kaboom. Yet surprisingly, nothing happened, beyond loosing ~80% of life, that is. In the same fashion, I tanked the entire Durance stuff without taking any serious damage - almost looked like the good old normal is back. Just a moment before that, Manwe was fighting the council in Travincal - an impressive sight to behold. Standing in a lake of fire, both friendly and enemy, I couldn't see a damn thing. Manwe was putting his heavy hammer to the best possible use, and only the occasional flukes inside the red bulb indicated that another enchanted boss bites the dust :cool:

We obliterated the River of Flame, rushing the act from its WP onward (Hrus was willing to pursue this way, until he eventually ran out of waypoints in Frigid Highlands). Chaos Sanctuary was relatively slower due to the (over)cautiousness on my side and the presence of FIs. After this session, I soloed the Plains of Despair for the two skill-points, and got toasted by Burning Souls once (and a few times again while picking the body), all because I was too hasty. Hephasto, the extra strong, mighty defender of the Forge, almost instant-killed me. And I got that Hel for all the troubles :angry:

Act5 finally brought some heavy hitters. I tried to keep my dexterity relatively low, still uncertain of how my "final" HS bonus would be, and the low block started to matter when mobbed. I got almost killed by Nihlathak - next time I will finally confiscate the moron's stick so that it actually makes sense to switch to Nature's Peace. We have decimated the Ancients, though at least one of them was Stone Skin and two of them FI, but the funny part was yet to come.

For some reason, we both shared the same idea to clear the Icy Cellar - the one place I hardly ever pay a visit. I remember leaving this place in a big hurry when making my "full clear" guardian back in TWD3, but this time I was sure it would be a cake-walk. Thus, we entered. First sight - some witches, a pack of taurs - seems easy enough. Another pack of taurs, with Might. Hmm, let's see if.. ouch :shocked: Finally, I vastly underestimated something. If Archeon had enough time to run out, I wouldn't blame him, but the truth is that additional targets (like merc or a bear) serve as an excellent "prebuff" in such case. Poor Archeon. How we ever managed to make this through you ask? I used the portal Archeon managed to open before he evaporated, and charged through the pack towards the right side, before I got killed again. Then, I re-entered Archeon's portal and charged in the opposite direction quickly opening a new portal in the corner of the map, leaving one follower in its vicinity. At this point, Archeon accidentally entered his own portal instead of mine and got massacred. Then he used the area entrance to lure the tougher of the bosses away from the center, while I revived the merc and secured the place on the other side. I was scared when the second enemy I met turned out to be the other boss, but the merc made a short work of him taking some healing from my HBs. Eventually Archeon rejoined me, and together using both mercs and a Bear, we cleared the central part. Thus, I was able to pick my corpse before taking on the troublesome boss. And it was badly needed. I took us all some time before he dropped dead. The rest of the game was one boring trip compared to this.

Today, I cleared the farm with one rejuv used on the king's fanatic pack, but that was the only slight issue. Now, I'm thinking about various gear setups for different MF targets.


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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

Yep I know Ugla's posts are usually "too long, no read" type, but no response at all? I guess ?obody is interested in Archeon's stats either? I will give you relevant stats either way:

Damage: sucks
Life: sucks
Mana: you don't need much anyways

Equip: Even when twinked to the bones, damage sucks.

Skills: Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Volcano maxed + several points in summoning tree. They all suck.

That's me ranting about pure fire-druid build in hell difficulty.

Forgot my merc - he was the only one doing some damage - HF A2 merc - Reapers Toll, Shaftstop, Rockstopper.

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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

To be honest Hrus, I was waiting for Archeon's stats before I said anything :wink: I've been thinking about a Pure Fire Druid for a little while now.

Well done to the both of you!


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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

Reply in style with Hrus; rather irrelevant :p

You ever do normal chars? GTFO and do a decent build sometime ;)

Ugla: Fetid sprinkler=gg. PDR gear is GG as well, though not very brave :p Must say however I don't believe you catching dolls like that, they always kill me dead even if there's but 2 of them :/
Hrus: you should have made that druid in 1.10 I think, after the removal of the oskills synergies it's been horribly boring for the fun builds. You think you could have soloed him?

Nice party again, miss that really :x


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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

I've always found your write-ups extremely entertaining, Ugla. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Congratulations on yet another unconventional build (to you too, Hrus!)


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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

@Nepeta: concerning dolls - aside from decent amount of PDR, I had Fire absorb from Dwarf Star and a total 35%DR from Vamp Gaze and CtC Fade from Treachery, which also kept me clean of amp most of the time :sunny: Decrepify seems to work against dolls' explosions properly - without it, I was still taking damage. PDR may lack style, but it is also very comfortable. I used only about 5-6 healing potions throughout Hell until that encounter in Icy Cellar and had no other death since normal Baal.

However, don't get fooled into thinking Manwe is some chobo. It is one of the most powerful paladin builds there is, in terms of general usefulness. His melee damage rivals that of a pure zealot, and he's got powerful means to repel the undead, be it dolls, OKs, or just good old Burning Souls :wink3: A single FoH is enough to paralyze an entire pack for a moment, and several well aimed HBs dispatch even the toughest enemies without worrying about immunities.

Funny thing is that in the past it was me who played "weird" builds, and Hrus hold the line with cookie-cutters, while now it's usually the other way around. Atm, we play another set of characters with Holy Pade, only this time there's no funny element involved - all three members are bloodthirsty killers.

Btw: I've noticed only recently that you betrayed our kin for the dark temptations of RWM :thumbsdown: :hide:


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Re: Patriarchs Manwe and Archeon

Hrus retires, and now he is back you guys have a Patriach production line going! Congratulations to you both.

*Makes note to nominate Hrus for best Pat thread at the next SPF awards*