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Patriarch Windy

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Sir Lister of Smeg, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Sir Lister of Smeg

    Sir Lister of Smeg IncGamers Member

    Nov 13, 2003
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    Patriarch Windy

    I continued playing this character a day ago after a hiatus of a few months, and now patted him. I started from the hell River Of Flame waypoint, most of that area, including Chaos Sanctuary, went fine, but I suffered a death to the Infector Of Souls' pack (I don't remember whether it was him or one of his minions). De Seis of course killed my merc, but for the rest no trouble there, including Diablo himself who lasted maybe ten seconds, at most twenty. All the above was at players 3, I remembered he was quite powerful, but not having played him for a while made me feel more at ease starting at players 3 and not higher.

    In the Bloody Foothills, the picture was more or less the same. My lifebulb often went far down, but killing speed was high, so high that I switched to players 5 at some point, but that might already have been rescuing the soldiers. At some point in the Crystalline Passage, I did switch back to players 3 though, a setting which was to remain throughout the rest of the game apart from the Ancients. Most monsters continued to fall hideously fast, while others took ages, especially stone skin, physical immune, cold immune bosspacks took a lot of time, sometimes I even started meleeing along, using my Demon Limb and Tiamat's Rebuke on switch after first enchanting the merc and the bear. Frenzytaurs were of course dangerous, but not too dangerous. Even the physical immune version was passable albeit with difficulty.

    This is not to say I survived, I died way too often to my taste, what I remember is once to Thresh Socket (cursed, lightning enchanted and lots of caster including gremlins around), twice in some of the tunnel sections, once in the Drifter cavern (due to stupidty, moving towards a succubus boss-pack while cursed and at half-life just after my merc had died), once to Pindleskin's charge, thrice to Nihlatak, and once to Baal. I don't think I ever had this much trouble with Nihlatak's corpse explosion, especially since my life was not very low and the spirit survived me, eventually I could close in though and he went down very quickly. The Ancients were done at players 1, and did not pose any serious trouble, though I did use lots of potions. The jumper took longer than the other two since he was both immune to cold and had stone skin.

    In the worldstone keep, I did not have a lot of trouble, although one level had gloams and two had frenzytaurs. Casting ravens and a bear ahead often saved me from being targeted. The throne again had frenzytaurs, as well as infidels and succubi. Clearing was quite easy, but all the frenzytaur bosspacks with nasty mods killed my merc also easily. The first two waves of minions went down very quickly, having negative fire resistance made me very careful for the third and fourth wave, since I was sure they would easily demolish my armour and that thereafter any elemental hit would instantly kill me. This did make it slow, and I'm quite sure I could have finished the third far quicker, but I did survive. Lister easily killed my merc and so I brave-sir-robin-ed, then proceeded to get small groups towards me, keeping the ravens up at all times and when necessary running away againwhile casting a spirit and a bear to keep them busy. Eventually all went down, and I went back to town to resurrect my merc for the fight with Baal.

    The fight with Baal took ages, in advance I wasn't sure, I gathered there was some chance of it being alike to the fight with Diablo (it would still last longer, but it could have been relatively fast compared to other characters). Very soon it became clear it would take a long time. Baal was constantly teleporting around which worked very effectively to keep my bear at a distance. At some point early on I died from the tentacles, apparently being too focused on damaging Baal. After that I did pay attention to them and made sure to take them down whenever they were threatening either me or my merc. After a long fight, and a few trips back to town to get rid of the clone, Windy was victorious. As expected, Baal dropped only yellows and blues, although two of the latter were failed set battle axes.

    Just a note on resistances in hell. Poison was maxed, cold was positive, fire and lightning were negative, although the latter became positive after getting the scroll for rescuing Anya.

    One thing I noticed was that it seemed that twister damaged physical immunes. Is there some hidden non-physical damage dealt by twister or is it just my imagination?

    The stats:

    Character name : Windy
    Character type : Druid
    Character level : 86
    Character exp : 1153475862

    Strength : 120
    Energy : 20
    Dexterity : 168
    Vitality : 172
    Stat Points Rem : 40
    Skill Points Rem: 0

    Life : 710 / 536
    Mana : 512 / 190
    Stamina : 353 / 316

    Arctic Blast 1
    Cyclone Armour 20
    Twister 20
    Tornado 20
    Hurricane 20
    Raven 1
    Oak Sage 12
    Summon Spirit Wolf 1
    Summon Dire Wolf 1
    Summon Grizzly 1

    Telling of Beads
    Skin of the Vipermagi 'Sol'
    Raven Frost
    Manald Heal
    Arachnid Mesh
    Sandstorm Trek
    Spirit Dimensional Blade
    Moser's Blessed Circle 'SolSol'
    Demon Limb (switch)
    Tiamat's Rebuke (switch)

    Beryl Small Charm of Balance
    Natural Grand Charm
    Gheed's Fortune
    Tangerine Small Charm of Inertia
    Small Charm of Vita
    Small Charm of Vita
    Trainer's Grand Charm of Sustenance
    Ocher Small Charm of Balance
    Burly Small Charm of Vita

    The mercenary was a normal defensive (defiance aura) act II mercenary
    Name: Emilio
    Experience: 70747734
    Level: 85
    Strength: 190
    Dexterity: 154
    Hitpoints: 1830
    Defense: 2745
    Resistances: 152
    Mercenary Items :
    The Gladiator's Bane
    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
    Insight Cryptic Axe
  2. neumein

    neumein IncGamers Member

    Jul 19, 2006
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    Good work on the windy pat. My windy is currently in Act 2 NM, bracing himself for the fight with Duriel. How much damage does your tornado dish out? Mine does like 13XX-14XX right now, if you're wondering.
  3. Sir Lister of Smeg

    Sir Lister of Smeg IncGamers Member

    Nov 13, 2003
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    According to the LCS: 3104-3302
    And hurricane: 1499-1614

  4. Liquid_Evil

    Liquid_Evil IncGamers Member

    Oct 2, 2003
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    Masterfully done, hero!

    Windy's are quite nice characters. Terribly unoriginal/uninspired name though. :wink:
  5. nebux

    nebux IncGamers Member

    Oct 5, 2005
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    good char Sir. strange equipment, but windys are fun to play

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