Patriarch Weller


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Patriarch Weller

Patriarch Weller

Type - Necromancer - Bone skills
Level - 81

Strength - 177
Dex - 185
Vita - 163
Energy - 30

Life - 761
Mana - 371


Fire - 21
Cold - 75
Light - 75
Poisen - 75

Damage With hoto + spirit

Bone Spirit 3.6k - 3.9k
Bone Spear 3.4k - 3.6k
Teeth 751 - 950

Damage with White + spirit

Bone Spirit 3.6k - 3.9k
Bone Spear 4.1k - 4.3k
Teeth 751 - 950


20 Teeth
20 Bone Spear
20 Bone Spirit
20 Bone wall
1 Golem + Golem mastery + Bone armour + Corpse explosion
Rest of points in bone prison


Weapon - Hoto/White
Shield - Stormshield/Spirit
Helm - Rare 2 necro skills/20 resi/18 strength / Shako
Armour - Viper
Belt - Arach
Gloves - Trangs
Boots - Rare with 30 FRW/3x Light res/10 FHR/2x Poisen res
Rings - 2 x FCR rings
Amulet - 3 Poisen and bone wioth 20 strength


8 poisen and bone skillers + 8 vita small charms

Merc - Act 2 Defensive

Weapon - insight
Armour - Duriels
Helm - Gaze

Normal and nightmare were pretty easy. Hell was quite easy also though i think a few points in the curses could have helped out more.

I used bone prison quite alot which i found to be very helpful for bosses + anceints

Notable finds - Nothing

Thats about it , as usual i probably have forgoten something :rolleyes: :grin:


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congrats on your pat. i just hope that i'm able to restart playing mine. Normal ancients.
why you choose SS/Spirit path?


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I am thinking of trying him at pvp so i was going to go with storm with max block.

I use the spirit when i want more damage with the white and can still hit the 125 FCR bp which is good.

Edit : I can post some screenshots later , anything in paticular you were intrested in ?


I love necromancer alot, so maybe i'll try this build after finishing my fishy, er, skill and stats allocation?


Hey nice to see a bonemancer in 1.11
Congrats on the patriarch!
Now make the exact same character only naked :jig:


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Congratulations :thumbsup:
If you could choose only one, hoto or white? And try to pump that fire res. up if you are going pvp :) or hell for that matter, sweet gear and gl doing whatever hes up to now.