Patriarch Warm_Soup


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Patriarch Warm_Soup

Finally finished my first 1.10 char.

My second pat after the necro. I think it's the first time i have 2 mat's/pat's since 1.00 :p

Lvl 84 Barbarian


20 BO
20 Shout
20 Concentrate
20 Sword Mastery
1 Many others (~15)


Stre: 167 (~215)
Dext: 170 (~215)
Vita: 168 (not sure)
Ene: 10
Damage: ~3000 (two handed)
AR: 12000
Life: ~2500 (lvl 31 BO)
Defense: ~20000 when using concentrate (lvl 31 Shout)
Resists: 75 All


Disciple Set
No shield (kept Whitstan's on inventory)
Raven Frost
Rare Ring: LL, Resists, AR
Assorted Charms: Life, Resists, AR, Damage, Defense
Weapon 1:

Glyph Skewer
Highland Blade
One-Hand Damage: 81 to 230
Two-Hand Damage: 249 to 357
Durability: 119 of 150
Required Dexterity: 104
Required Strength: 171
Required Level: 49
Sword Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0xdf0922d7
+272% Enhanced Damage
+138 to Attack Rating
Adds 1-2 fire damage
Adds 5-57 lightning damage
6% Life stolen per hit
+1 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)

Weapon 2:

2x Echoing Swords

Merc: Defiance

Tal's Mask
Reaper's Toll

Barbs have been my fav class since the beggining, so when 1.10 came out deleted everything (like for the 5th time) and started over with this guy.

Left him hanging in Act1 Hell and made a necro, among other chars, to get some equip for him.

The Reaper's on the merc was a HUGE help and made killing a little less slow.

Didn't have much problems after getting some stuff for him.

Act Bosses get wasted by Laying of Hands.

I must be the luckiest guy with the Ancients. Killed them on the first roll.
While the Merc kept the thrower busy took out the leaper. When he was gone the thrower had only a sliver left and then it was the whirler who kept whirling through me the whole time. 2 potions and 5 minutes later they were dead.

The WSK levels were very slow going. Lots of taunting and running.

Got those red star witch thingies that killed the merc right there.
Revived him only in Throne Room.

The Minions didn't give much trouble except for the Mummies and Baal died after some whacking while beeing Decrep most of the time.
The reward: Butcher's Pupil Cleaver :urrah:

The only monsters that gave him some problems were ofcourse OKnight's :\

Notable finds: FlameBellow sword in one of the Ice Caves though i still kept using the rare one and TVigor belt from the tree guy guarding the entrance to Lower Kurast.

A fun char that i'm going to use to do LK runs at P8 wich he does surprinsingly well :)

Next to finish my Frost/Zeal Paladin who is in Act2 Hell.


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goltar25 said:
Congratulations on the pat.

Did you have a point in Berserk for the Oblivion Knights?
Yeap. With +8 to combat skills it turned to 9. I could almost turn him to a Zerker :p

But even then if they IM'ed me while not paying attention = dead Barb


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Congratulations on the Pat! 'Tis just been proven you don't need uber 1337 h4x0rz gear to make a Barb ;)


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Super cool! Barbs are among my most favoritest characters to play. I'm envious of the 12000 AR as well. :drool:


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whomhead said:
12000 AR as well. :drool:
I think that's what made my life a bit easier.

Thank's everyone.

Forgot to mention i had no mana leach.

First Barb i've played with no mana leach whatsoever.

With BO had over 500 mana, more then my necro :p

Against Mana Drain monsters just used pots.